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Square Peg: The Battlefield 4 Story Trailer


Battlefield 4 has a story? Yes, it has a story. I'm not alone in forgetting that it would be coming with single-player, am I? It just doesn't seem to be the reason for people to play it. And now I'm thinking about it, I can't remember if the previous game even had a campaign*. So now I want to know: who plays the single-player bits of Battlefield games, and were you/are you excited about the fourth game's offline shootery? Actually, you should probably wait until watching the trailer before answering that, because it looks a bit crap.

It turns out it is the sort of story that is mostly told with raised voices and pointed guns, and there is a bit when one of the team punches a dog that has to be a dig at Call Of Duty. I'd like to direct you all to the performance about 37 seconds in, where Gruff Manshouts gives the performance of a lifetime. You will note how he starts off quietly and then increases in volume. As I understand, this is a really tough bit of acting to pull off, and most actors can't do it without the letters getting bigger on the autocue. You don't get an autocue in games, so this is pure acting all the way.

Release date: 29th of October in the US, and November the 1st in Europe. Don't you Americans spoil the story for us Europeans.

*I just remembered that it did, because I was sent all the way to Stockholm to see it.

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