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Star-Lord speaks for everyone in this new Guardians Of The Galaxy footage

The illusion of dialogue choice

There’s some new Guardians Of The Galaxy footage for us to have mixed feelings about. We liked the action of the previous trailer, but felt it was trying a bit too hard to reflect the effortless silly coolness of the movies.

The new trailer has no action. Instead, it shows a meeting between the team and the very buff Lady Hellbender. Like a lot of people standing off in the side-quest spiral of the Marvel universe, she collects things. Monsters, in fact (someone should invent a CCG for the Marvel characters to focus on, it would save a lot of kidnappings). The GotGs need money to keep their ship and plan to con Lady Hellbender by "selling" Groot or Rocket to her. It won't work, and it doesn't look like the player had much say in the matter.

Cover image for YouTube videoMarvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Lady Hellbender Cinematic

The one choice made in the trailer doesn’t mean a damn. The player has to choose between Star-Lord taking the lead or letting Drax talk. He tells Drax to talk to her, because Lady Hellbender is flirting with the over-literal man meat. After a few seconds of chat, Star-Lord steps in, albeit with a fairly amusing flourish. Back of the line, Drax. That's not how this is supposed to go.

I hate it when this kind of thing happens. Especially as I could see Drax and Lady Hellbender committing to a long and healthy life partnership with many children and some goats, but we never get to explore those possibilites. It makes a mockery of having a choice at all. There are plenty of situations where letting a Raccoon talk for the team would be preferable.

This is only one example, though, and I'm not bitter enough that I won't be playing it on its planned October 26th release date, but I'll be going not expecting to make a huge difference in how the story plays out.

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