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StarCraft & Conquer: One-Man RTS Meridian Now On Steam

A whole newwwwww world

Here it is: the moment of truth. Meridian: New World, the RTS that should still still be impossible, can now be played by the masses. The shiny new space-base base-race is largely the work of one man, which is the sort of information that makes my mind both boggle and Super Puzzle-Bobble All-Stars. It's now available on Steam Early Access, so probably get on that because it looks kinda great.

It's a traditional RTS with a focus on base-building and think-before-you-rush tactics, but a heavy focus on single-player might set it apart from its peers in at least a couple departments. A Mass-Effect-style crew system might stir the pot just a little, causing it to run over with thick, congealed globules of plot.

"Shape the world around you with every decision you make and through every dialogue with your crew. Meridian: New World offers countless options to devise your own strategy, including various equipment options for your units and special abilities for you to rely upon. Use your abilities anywhere on the battlefield and turn the tide of battle by weakening the enemy troops."

"Alternatively take the covert approach and sabotage the enemy power supply to shut down their production. You can rely entirely on researching superior weapons or special abilities. Or you can risk building a large economy, constructing a massive army from your enormous resources. The strategy you use and how many troops you sacrifice to reach your goal will influence the attitude of your crew towards you. Are you ready to shape the history of galactic colonization?"

The Early Access alpha/beta/omega-psi-epsilon-rho-rho-rho-your-boat will unfold in four phases, each with big content updates and goodies, as well as the game's map editor. Steam Workshop support is also in, though there's no multiplayer just yet.

It'll run you $14.99, which doesn't seem too unreasonable all things considered. And I should know. I just considered all things. Speaking of, I'm off to go lie down and just sort of twitch in agonized wonderment for probably the rest of my life. But then, I also said that after I found out one guy made an entire RTS, and I was barely out for two entire months. Barely.

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