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Starfield Earth landmarks: How to find landmarks on Earth

Discover all 10 Earth landmarks in Starfield

Starfield image showing Earth in the planetary map view.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Looking for Earth landmarks in Starfield? While Earth is mostly a barren desert in Starfield, there are actually 10 landmarks that you can find scattered across the surface. These landmarks represent significant architecture from across the world, featuring buildings and structures that will be immediately recognisable to everyone.

In this guide, we'll break down all 10 Starfield Earth landmarks and how to find them. We'll also explain what happened to Earth, uncovering the mystery surrounding the events that led to its collapse in Starfield, and also cover how to reach Earth so that you can visit it for yourself.

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All Starfield Earth landmarks

There are 10 landmarks on Earth in Starfield. Below, you'll find all Earth landmarks listed, along with what you'll need to find them:

  • The Shard, London: Oliver Twist (book)
  • The Empire State Building, New York: Our Lost Heritage (book)
  • Gateway Arch, St. Louis: The Price of Destiny (book)
  • US Bank Tower, Los Angeles: Hope Family Tree (book)
  • The Pyramids, Cairo: The Ancient Civilization of Egypt (book)
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai: Race to the Heavens (book)
  • Shanghai Tower, Shanghai: Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics (book)
  • International Commerce Center, Hong Kong: Maurice Lyon's Journal (book)
  • Abeno Harukas, Osaka: Diary of Kyosuke Nagata (book)
  • NASA Launch Tower, Cape Canaveral: Unearthed (mission)

As you can see, many of these are not available until you have read the corresponding book, so you won't be able to just land on Earth and wander about until you find them.

What happened to Earth in Starfield?

If you go to the Vanguard Orientation Hall in New Atlantis (the bottom floor of the MAST building), you'll find a museum exhibit that details the end of Earth.

This exhibit explains that in 2150, scientists discovered that Earth's magnetosphere was due to collapse in the following 50 years, meaning they needed to find an alternative place to live. The United Colonies formed to forward this effort, and humanity had landed on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system by 2160.

The truth, as you'll discover later in the story, is a little more nuanced. NASA scientists were developing Grav Jump technology, which they tested from the Earth's moon. Over time, this destroyed the Earth's atmosphere, until eventually it was little more than a radiation-filled inhospitable wasteland.

How to reach Earth in Starfield

To reach Earth, you must travel to the Sol system. This is immediately next to the Alpha Centauri system on the Starmap, meaning you can travel there very soon after reaching Jemison.

Starfield screenshot showing the Sol System
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

If you're currently getting a "fast travel is currently unavailable" message, then you'll need to complete the Old Neighborhood quest first. This is the second main quest in Starfield, and you get it at the Constellation Lodge in New Atlantis.

If you still can't fast travel, make sure that your ship's inventory isn't over-encumbered and that you don't have any contraband on board.

If you're wondering whether Earth is worth visiting, however, that's another question. Earth is a vast, yet bland, desert, without any outposts to find among the sand. It's interesting to visit as a novelty, especially as you can find the landmarks mentioned above if you have their associated quests, but there isn't a whole lot to actually do while there.

Earth does have a few resources that you might want to harvest, though. The resources that you'll find on Earth are: Chlorine, Lead, Water, Chlorosilane, and Mercury.

To find these resources, simply head to the Sol system and zoom into Earth on the Starmap. When you're looking at Earth's planetary map, you can press show resources (LB on Xbox) to easily highlight where to find each resource. As you move the cursor around the planet's surface, it'll then flag which resource you'll find in a given landing zone.

That wraps up our guide on all Earth landmarks in Starfield. For more on this sprawling space RPG, check out our guides on the Starfield console commands and cheats list, how to pickpocket NPCs, and how to get a boost pack. We've also got guides for Starfield's romance options, skills list and all Item IDs.

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