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How to sell ships in Starfield

Here's how to make a killing selling Starfield ships

An astronaut walks in front of their ship in Starfield.
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How do you sell ships in Starfield? If you've been playing Starfield and want to make a few extra bucks selling ships that you no longer plan to upgrade or use, there are a few things you'll want to know. While you can make a chunk of change selling ships, there are a few loopholes you'll need to jump through to be able to sell them — especially if they're stolen.

Whether you've simply decided to trade up or you're trying to find ways to sell ships on the black market for those sweet, sweet credits, here's everything you need to know, including info on where to sell them and info on extra steps you may need to take to sell your stolen ships.

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How to sell Starfield ships

You can sell ships at any ship services technician or your outpost shipbuilder kiosk. If you want to sell a ship that you stole or has contraband, there are a few extra steps in the sale process. As an aside, you must have more than one ship to sell ships, as you must always have a home ship.

If you have acquired a ship legally and simply want to sell it - and it's free of contraband - you can go to any spaceport with a ship services technician.

There are ship services technicians at each of the following locations:

  • New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System): Ship technician is ahead of you as you disembark.
  • Gagarin (Alpha Centauri System): Ship technician is ahead of you as you disembark.
  • Cydonia on Mars (Sol System): Ship technician is in the building to your right as you disembark.
  • New Homestead on Titan (Sol System): Ship technician is ahead of you as you disembark.
  • Deimos Staryard on Deimos (Sol System): Make your way through the hallway and toward the back of the base. The ship technician is down the stairs in the back.
  • Hopetown on Polvo (Valo System): Ship technician is ahead of you as you disembark.
  • Stroud-Eklund Staryard orbiting Dalvik (Narion System): Disembark and follow the hallway. Ship technician is at the first desk you come across on the right.
  • Akila City on Akila (Cheyenne System): Disembark and follow the path forward directly to the ship technician.
  • Neon on Volii Alpha (Volii System): In the building ahead and slightly to the left as you disembark.
  • The Red Mile on Porrima III (Porrima System): Disembark, follow the hallway around forward and to the left, and talk to the vendor at the desk in the room on the right.
  • Paradiso on Porrima II (Porrima System): Disembark and walk forward to find the ship tech.
  • The Den (Wolf System): Disembark and head to the right of the launchpad area.
  • The Key (Kryx System): Disembark and walk forward to find the tech.
  • The Eleos Retreat on Ixyll II (Ixyll System): Disembark and walk forward to the white building. Walk inside to find the tech.
  • Stroud-Eklund Showroom in Neon on Volii Alpha (Volii System): Find this vendor in the Neon Core between Sieghart's Outfitters and The Emporium.
  • HopeTech in Hopetown on Polvo (Valo System):Disembark and walk forward until you reach the HopeTech building.
  • Nova Galactic, New Homestead on Titan (Sol System): Disembark, and the tech will be ahead of you.
  • Taiyo Astroneering, Neon on Volii Alpha (Volii System): Make a right and walk straight into Ryujin Industries. Find the elevator and select Taiyo Astroneering.

You can also build your outpost shipbuilder kiosk, allowing you to sell ships at your outpost. You must first set up an outpost and build a ship docking station to do this.

Before selling your ship, ensure you've cleared out its inventory, which typically means visiting a trader or merchant and choosing the Sell from Ship button option. Once you have cleared out your inventory, you'll either talk to the vendor or visit the shipbuilder kiosk. Vendors will allow you to see what ships they have for sale, which you must visit before switching to the option to sell your ship. The kiosk will simply invite you to sell your ship.

Once you have selected the option to buy or sell a ship, the game will bring you to a series of pages showing your different ships. You'll want to tab over to the correct ship and then find the option to sell at the screen's lower right-hand corner. Once you complete this action, you can sell your ship, which you can select.

A ship in Starfield flies towards The Den, a space station.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

How to sell a stolen ship

If you have stolen a ship and want to sell it, a few extra steps are involved. First and foremost, you'll want to ensure your ship does not have contraband or, if it does, that it has shielded cargo capacity to ensure you won't get busted with the contraband. You can also travel to an outpost or other location where your ship will not be subject to a contraband scan as you move into orbit, such as Red Mile. (If you have the Dream Home Trait, you can go to your dream home on Nesoi as you won't be subject to a contraband search there.)

Once you've offloaded any unsavory goodies, you can go to any normal spaceport with a ship tech to sell your ship. In general, you will want to sell any unwanted inventory of any stolen ship for additional credits. Be sure to visit a trading kiosk or merchant to sell these items before you sell your ship.

After you have sold the ship's inventory, you can visit the ship technician or kiosk. Because the ship is stolen, you must first register it to sell it. This costs a fee equivalent to around 90% of the full price of the ship. As you are in the vendor ship buy/sell screen, tab over to the ship you want to sell, then select the option to register it. Once you pay the fee, you will then be able to sell it as normal.

That's everything you need to know to sell Starfield ships. If you're in the market for buying and selling ships, you'll want to see our Starfield ships guide. You can also check out our guide to all free Starfield ships and our overview of the best Starfield ships, too.

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