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Stellaris: Federations expansion will unite the galaxy in March

Go boldly

Paradox have announced a launch date of March 17th for the next Stellaris expansions, Federations. As the name suggests, it focuses on expanding options for spacefriends in the 4X strategy game, including new types of federation and a sort of galactic United Nations. It'll bring new origins for civilisations too, including some novel ones like starting on a fragment of a Ring World or on a doomed planet that will explore in 64 years. And as is the Paradox way, it'll be accompanied by a free update overhauling parts of the game for all players.

Oh, and Federations brings some new toys: vast Juggernaut-class spaceships equipped with their own shipyards to keep fleets strong while out on spacebusiness; and Mega Shipyards which can have up to 30 dockslots and give big building bonuses. Sometimes federations need a huge mobile murderfleet, you know?

Nate had a wee look at Federations last year. For more on features of the expansion and free update, check out Paradox's dev diaries. I enjoyed the the list of new origins (I quite like the sound of starting as the vassal of a Fallen Empire), the new federation types, and performance improvements. It is WILD to see how much faster time can progress at Fastest setting with those optimisations.

Federations will cost £15.49/€19.99/$19.99 on Steam, GOG, and Paradox's store.

Stellaris is one of the best strategy games, sez us, and it certainly has come a long way since launch. I'm not up to date on expansions but more diplomatic options is defs my bag so Federations goes on my wishlist. Though honestly, as only an occasional visitor to space I might be tempted by a subscription service like Paradox are experimenting with in Europa Universalis IV, if such a thing ever came to Stellaris.

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