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Stellaris's newest species, the Lithoids, are here to eat rocks and take names

I would buy an amethyst car please and thank you

Stellaris’s newest alieopals, the Lithoids, have arrived, crunching their way through space in extremely cool crystalline ships. The lore claims that this new rock-based species lives for ages and can hang out on even the harshest of planets, but their blingy transport suggests a different kind of je ne sais quoi if you ask me. You can see them in the trailer below.

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Being as they are sentient rocks, Lithoids don’t need much to keep themselves going, which is handy for when you’re trying to colonise barren areas of space. They focus on mineral production, presumably because that’s their food source, and don’t sound very flexible about ceding territory, which raises questions about the causal relationship between the rigidity of one’s body and one’s policy decisions. Regardless, they’ve got their own portraits and voices too, obviously, so you can really get into the rock roleplaying.

If our new rock pals leave you ready for more new Stellaris stuff, Nate’s been off chatting with some of the developers at Paradox about the game’s new expansion, Stellaris: Federations. He’s got the scoop on some of the new origin stories you can give to your space-faring civilisations, like “our home planet exploded.” That’ll net you a bonus to building habitats, which makes sense ‘cos hanging out in the vacuum of space isn’t going to do you much good for long.

Alternatively, you can have “our home planet is about to explode,” which gives you (or a rival) 64 years to get going and settle somewhere else. Just in case you, like me, can’t get anything done without a deadline.

There’s more origins of course – eighteen of ‘em in total – so I’ll leave you to Nate to tell you what he knows.

Paradox haven’t said when Federations is coming out, but in the meantime you can get to craving those minerals with the Lithoids, who are already ready to head out into the cold wastes of space. Though they probably don’t feel cold, being rocks. Either way, they’re downloadable on Steam for $5.79/$7.99/€7.99.

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