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Subnautica dev's next game is a turn-based sci-fi affair

We'll find out more at Gamescom later this month

Unknown Worlds, the creators of Subnautica, and Krafton, the studio behind PUBG, have announced that they'll be showing something at Gamescom later this month. What exactly? That I couldn't tell you, but it's apparently a turn-based game and an entirely new IP.

According to a press release, "Unknown Worlds co-founder and game director, Charlie Cleveland, will officially reveal a new IP set in a sci-fi world that features imaginative turn-based gameplay." It'll be shown during Opening Night Live, the grand slam of advertisements that marks the beginning of Gamescom under Geoff Keighley's watchful eye on August 23rd.

Unknown Worlds had previously been on the lookout for a senior narrative developer, following the announcement that they would be purchased by Krafton but retain their creative independence.

Krafton and Striking Distance Studios will also be sharing a new look at The Callisto Protocol at that same Opening Night Live. Here's one of the previous trailers for that, if you want a reminder of the upcoming space horror game from a team that includes the Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. I'll not be watching it again, if you don't mind. I want to sleep tonight.

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Gamescom attendees will apparently be able to get their hands on the game that Unknown Worlds are announcing, as well as getting the chance to take part in "The Callisto Protocol’s Inmate Bioprocessing Scan Experience," a deeply creepily named photo opportunity.

Gamescom's Opening Night Live adver-entertainment show will be on August 23rd at 7pm BST, with Gamescom proper running from the 24th to the 28th. Various RPS folks will be attending to bring you all the news and previews, although the jury's out on whether any of them will decide to get bioprocessed.

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