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Sunless Sea's Pirate-Poet, Cladery Heir free to all players

Piratical poets and curious medics

All Sunless Sea [official site] players get access to the formerly Kickstarter-exclusive Pirate Poet and Cladery Heir content thanks to an update to the game today. Failbetter consulted with Kickstarter backers to see if they backed the move and the consensus was apparently "the more, the merrier", or words to that effect.

I assume the timing is very much related to Sunless Skies (the Sunless Sea sequel*) starting its own Kickstarter campaign on 1 Feb so the more people are eyeballing Failbetter's games, the better its chances of success.

So here's the dillio with the extra bits of content:

The Pirate Poet
Captains, beware! The Pirate-Poet now zails the zee, seeking a worthy rival. The pirates of Gaider's Mourn tell many stories of this clay corsair. Can you be the one to finally best her?

The Cladery Heir
A surgeon of such skill that she can amputate flaws of character and excise unwanted foibles…

The Cladery Heir is a new officer with her own storyline – during which you can acquire a new ship, the Cladery Heart. She can be picked up at Fallen London when you have 'A New Recruit' at 1 or more.

I've been meaning to go back to Sunless Sea for a while now - I meant to over Christmas and then seeing people IRL expanded to fill pretty much every available moment, so this might be just the excuse I've been needing. I've just booted up Steam and it looks like it's applying an update right now. Unfortunately for me it might be a while until I see most of the new stuff because my PC had a rather dramatic catastrophic failure so my Failbetter save files have gone the way of the dodo on account of me forgetting they live in the AppData folder on the hard drive I had to format. I feel sad now :(

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