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Sunless Sea Zubmariner DLC Diving Down Into The Dark

A zailor went to zee zee zee

Splendid searfaring fantasy-horror roguelikelike Sunless Sea [official site] is already set down in the dark, sailing oceans long ago swallowed by the earth. If that's not terrifying enough, imagine what lies beneath those waves. I bring good/bad news!

Developers Failbetter Games are planning to let you get up-close and personal with what lies under the Unterzee in the game's first DLC, named Zubmariner. As you might guess, it involves submarines. Details follow.

Failbetter have dropped a blog post with a few words and pictures teasing what's to come. You'll get to uncover shipwrecks, explore strange places, and visit underwater ports like the city like Wrack, described by Failbetter as "an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication." Also, you can meet new big sea kittens like:

"The Thalatte is an exposed-looking collection of wattled and shining organs, like a half-completed vivisection, with a fanged orifice at the front. This orifice applies a force which draws your Zubmarine towards it. The Thalatte can move rapidly, ram, and expectorate gobbets of vile fluid."

Hello cutie!

Don't you want to scratch under those chins? The blog post also shares a few work-in-progress screenshots for how the seabed might look, with glowing coral, volcanic vents, and bioluminescent life appearing out the black waters. Do have a look - they're quite pretty. No word yet on when Zubmariner will arrive.

Whatever could this be?

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