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Techland insist Dying Light 2 is "in good shape" after rumors say production is a mess

Die another day

The status of Dying Light 2 has been a bit of a question mark since Techland announced in January that their next zombie parkour action game would be delayed from its "spring 2020" release window without offering a new estimate. A Polish game development news site published a report today suggesting that Dying Light 2 production may be in disarray, but Techland insist that it's "in good shape."

The initial report comes by way of Polski Gamedev's interviews with unnamed Techland employees. It's written in Polish, of course, so the details are a bit muddled in translation.

Despite the language barrier, it's pretty clear that what their sources inside Techland have shared isn't a glowing recommendation. Reading through the article with an automated Google translation suggests talk of crunch, uncertainty, and difficulty collaborating with writer Chris Avellone of Fallout: New Vegas fame. Without a more reliable translation, it's tough to determine the tone of the original report and the relative impact of each complaint.

Techland Senior PR manager Ola Sondej responded by saying that Dying Light 2 is "in good shape (and in good hands), so worry not. It IS coming." She also says that Techland have not been acquired by another publisher. Rumor of a Microsoft acquisition seems to be denied within the Polski Gamedev report, but appeared on Twitter as part of an attempted translation that Sondej calls "totally inaccurate."

What can be said for certain is that Techland have been quiet on Dying Light 2 since saying in January that they "need more development time to fulfill our vision" and "will have more details to share in the coming months." The most recent official news from Techland was the announcement for a Dying Light DLC rather than any mention of the sequel.

Matt was optimistic when he played through the Dying Light 2 preview last summer, saying “it’s Mirrors Edge with zombies, and it works.”

Though we don't yet know when it's coming, you can find Dying Light 2 on Steam.

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