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The best cheap SSD is even cheaper with these Black Friday deals

The fast and thrifty WD Blue SN570 strikes again

I’ve been recommending the WD Blue SN570 to anyone who’ll listen for over a year, and now it’s not just one of the best gaming SSDs you can buy, but the star of several of the best Black Friday SSD deals. Multiple capacities of this cheap but deceptively speedy solid state drive are on sale today, with savings of up to 44%.

The Blue SN570 has 250GB and 500GB models, but since these are discounts on an already affordable SSD, you might as well go big with a 1TB or 2TB version. These will have enough space to act as the sole storage drive in your PC, with no need to spend more on glacial mechanical hard drives.

UK deals:

WD Blue SN570 1TB - £65 from Ebuyer (was £77)

WD Blue SN570 2TB - £120 from Ebuyer (was £182)

US deals:

WD Blue SN570 1TB - $70 from Amazon US (was $110)

WD Blue SN570 2TB - $135 from Amazon US (was $240)

When I reviewed the Blue SN570 I found it could match or even surpass the read/write speeds of more expensive SSDs, including relatively luxe drives like the Samsung 970 Evo Plus. It won’t compete with recent PCIe 4.0 SSDs, and the Crucial P3 recently appeared as a close rival for PCIe 3.0 supremacy, but the Blue SN570 still holds up by late 2022 standards. Especially when you can get the higher capacities for as little as this.

Opting for an SSD with the older PCIe 3.0 interface also means it’s more likely to work with your current PC setup. PCIe 4.0 isn’t as exclusive as it once was, with multiple recent generations of AMD and Intel motherboards supporting it, but a PCIe 3.0 model will slot into basically any configuration and work immediately. Even a lot of motherboards with PCIe 4.0 support might have M.2 slots that can only reach 3.0 speeds, so if you already have a newer SSD and just want some cheap solid state backup space, the Blue SN570 could work well there too.

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