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The Callisto Protocol sure reminds me of Dead Space

It looks very much like a spiritual successor

This Game Awards seems to be the spiritual successor show now. First the Left 4 Dead devs show us their new zombiethon, Back 4 Blood, and now some former Dead Space devs of Dead Space have revealed something rather familiar as well. The Callisto Protocol is a new survival horror from developers Striking Distance Studios, a team of folks who've worked on the likes of Dead Space and Call Of Duty. It's coming out 2022, and it looks: freaky.

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It's the early hours of the morning here in the UK and I feel personally attacked that they would show such a spooky trailer so late. Now I'll be thinking about that gross pukey alien for ages.

The Callisto Protocol takes place on Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons, in the year 2320. Players will be taked with escaping a maximum security prison, but it's not quite so simple as that, as some nasty beasties seem to be locked in there with you. In the trailer it looks like a gross and rather wet alien will be giving you grief, though I don't trust that robot it shows, either.

This is the first game from Striking Distance, a studio lead by former Dead Space producer Glen Schofield. It's being published by Krafton, who've worked with games like PUBG and Tera.

Check out the official Callisto Protocol website here, where they're teasing another reveal for next week on December 17th.

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