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The Division 2 brings The Last Castle crashing down in today's story update

Castle Crashers

The Division 2's street-fashion soldiers have packed their bags, loaded their rifles, and titled their baseball caps backwards for their most dangerous mission yet. While that elusive second raid might still be a while off, Title Update 6 arrives today, dropping seasoned street cleaners into the heart of The Pentagon for some high tech murder in The Division 2: Episode 2.

But today's update does more than give endgame experts more baddies to blap, bringing in an explosive new specialist and sweeping interface changes to clean things up, one way or another.

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Title Update 6 arrives with The Division: Episode 2, the second chapter in Ubisoft's secret cop story. When we last left our agents, they'd just seen Washington DC invaded by nasty mercenary types, Black Tusk. Since then, they've snuck into The Pentagon to take control of a secret lab containing a powerful bio-reactor.

Over the course of Episode 2's intro and two main missions, our raincoat riflemen will sneak into The Last Castle, bash some mercs in the bonce, and secure America's tainted military heart for good once more. These missions, plus two shorter Classified Assignments, open up for Year 1 Pass holders today. Everyone else will just have to wait 'til Tuesday the 22nd to go pilfering through The Pentagon.

I'm sure the idea is you'd creep into these missions all sneaky-like, but TU6's new specialisation is anything but. The Technician arrives with a handheld missile launcher, solving technical issues with the careful application of explosive ordinance. They can also buff friendly players' skills, letting your friends heal faster or punch harder.

Year 1 Pass holders once again get immediate access to the new speciality, no ifs or buts. Regular folk don't need to wait a week to gain access to the Technician, though. They just have to work for it through a series of new missions.

Ubisoft have also given The Division 2 the usual pass of bug fixes and balance tweaks. In particular, they've reworked various user interfaces across The Division 2 to make their spreadsheets of numbers a little easier to read. All of these, plus more details on TU6's big additions, can be found over on the patch notes here.

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