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The Division 2 error code list - all The Division 2 errors explained, MIKE-01, DELTA-03, BRAVO-01

Explanations and solutions for all error codes

Error codes and crashes are the bane of many an agent's existence in The Division 2, with these glum grey and orange errors sporadically appearing and barring players from entering Washington D.C. and mowing down enemy factions. But fear not, for our The Division 2 error code guide will walk you through each error code you may encounter during your time with Tom Clancy's open-world loot-n-shooter, with detailed information on what you can do to resolve each issue.

If you're after a more general overview on Tom Clancy's latest open-world loot-and-shooter, check out our main The Division 2 guide, which is packed with beginner's tips and links to our sections of our guides series, from The Division 2 best perks to all The Division 2 factions you can encounter during your travels.

Shooting a yellow heavy in DZ East.

The Division 2 error code list - all error codes explained

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have done a pretty decent job of assigning a simple error code to each type of crash and issue you might encounter during your time in The Division 2, but unfortunately the solutions to these issues are not always clear. I'll take a massive leap of logic and assume you're not here for a casual read-through of the error codes, but because you've encountered a particular one and want to know what to do about. Click the corresponding link below to skip ahead to that particular error code explanation.


MIKE-01 error code

The MIKE-01 error code is fairly simple and very common, mostly because it tends to affect all players equally. The reason for this is that it generally occurs during periods of maintenance. According to Ubisoft's dedicated page for this error, it appears when the game is struggling to retrieve your profile information.

If you see this error code appearing, 99% of the time all you need to do is wait for the maintenance to finish and the servers to come back online. You can check here for real-time updates on whether there is any maintenance or other issues occurring with The Division 2.

ALFA, ALPHA error codes

The ALFA-02 error code is slightly less clear than MIKE-01, though it arrives with exactly the same text explaining that "The Division 2 services are not available at this time". A recent Ubisoft forum thread appeared to get to the bottom of this issue for the majority of players plagued by the ALFA error code.

Apparently the game has some issues with a piece of software called Killer Control Centre, commonly found on Alienware devices. So if you're playing on an Alienware laptop and receiving this issue, then you should either uninstall the Killer Control Centre app, or open it and, with The Division 2 running, "set the app priority for The Division 2 to 1".

DELTA error codes

These DELTA error codes range from DELTA-01 to DELTA06, with DELTA-03 appearing to be the most common. All relate in one way or another to failing to connect (or losing connection) to the server, and Ubisoft's response is to follow the troubleshooting guidelines outlined here.

It's worth mentioning that the DELTA error codes were very common back in the days of The Division 2 beta, and recent patches seem to have eliminated this issue for the majority of players online. There's no specific fix for this issue if you're still receiving it except to go through the troubleshooting above, and then contact Ubisoft if things don't improve from there.

BRAVO-01, BRAVO-03 error codes

BRAVO-01 and BRAVO-03 both relate to the Uplay platform which you use to run The Division 2 on PC. Often, this error comes about because you are running Uplay in Offline Mode, which The Division 2 takes issue with. You can test if this is the source of your issue by clicking the "Go Online" button in the main menu of the client.

If this doesn't solve your error code issue, then troubleshooting is the way forward from here.

BRAVO-06, BRAVO-07 error codes

BRAVO-06 and BRAVO-07 are unsurprisingly related to BRAVO-01 and BRAVO-03, but they're for when connection fails to Xbox Live or the Playstation Network, respectively. Ubisoft recommends this Microsoft support article for BRAVO-06 error codes, and this Sony support article for BRAVO-07 codes, as both are out of the hands of The Division 2 itself.

BRAVO-08 error code

Another unfortunately ambiguous "failed to connect" error code, all you can do for the BRAVO-08 error code if it appears is to check your connection to the internet, and to follow the troubleshooting guidelines linked above.

CHARLIE-01, CHARLIE-02 error codes

The CHARLIE error codes both relate to EasyAntiCheat, a piece of software installed with many competitive online games which works to counter cheating and hacking in The Division 2. The game requires that EasyAntiCheat be installed and operational, so if EAC is running and you're still receiving the error, you may need to re-install EAC in order to get to the bottom of this issue.

ECHO-01, OSCAR error codes

ECHO and OSCAR both appear to relate to issues on the side of the server rather than the client. Ubisoft's official recommendations are as follows:

  • ECHO-01: log out, wait for 10-15 minutes, and log back in.
  • OSCAR: this error often occurs if The Division 2 detects interference from a proxy or firewall. Administering the appropriate permissions to the firewall or turning off the relevant proxy should solve this issue and allow you to enter the game once more.

And that's all we have for now on the various error codes that you may encounter during your time with The Division 2. Hopefully this information will help you to minimise these difficulties so you can get down to wresting control of Washington D.C. back from the myriad factions that seek to claim it all for themselves.

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