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The Division 2 is returning to the Big Apple in the Warlords Of New York expansion next month

Kicking off their second year of content

New York needs saving again, and it's your job to do it when The Division 2's Warlords Of New York expansion drops on March 3rd. The DLC will bring back the big bad from the first Division, and lo' and behold he's got another strain of the nasty virus that caused the world to go to shambles in the first place. This expansion kicks off Year 2 of the game's content, and Ubisoft say it's "an encapsulated narrative experience from the start".

Warlords Of New York will take you to new districts of the city that have been ravaged by a hurricane, and there'll be new and old threats to deal with as you travel through. The game is also raising the level cap to 40, though if you're a new player you can jump straight in at level 30 so you're not too underpowered for the New York action.

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"The only way to stop a city-wide bio attack is to hunt Aaron Keener down," Ubisoft say.

"But to get to him, Agents first must get through his close guard of Rogue Agents standing in the way. Once trained by The Division, each strayed for individual beliefs, only to regroup under a common banner held by Keener."

This Division adventure is a separate one to the Coney Island business in Episode 3, so I'm afraid you're going to need to leave the fun fair. At least the agents were already in the area I suppose, would've been a bit of a trek to get there all the way from Washington DC otherwise.

The Division 2: Warlords Of New York is available to pre-purchase on the Epic and Ubisoft stores for PC right now, and you'll be able to play it on March 3rd. This expansion marks the start of the game's second year of content, so you'll need to grab yourself a Year 2 Pass (or a version of the game with the expansion included) to be able to play it.

Unfortunately, all these options are quite expensive, with the season pass priced at £25.99, and the Warlords Of New York edition costing £33.49 (which is already down from a regular price of £50). Fortunately for you American lot, the base game is only $3 at the moment on Ubisoft's US store - though the expansion will still cost you a small fortune.

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