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The Division 2 reactivate ISAC node and rescue Espinoza - how to kill the Coyote


In this mission of The Division 2, you are tasked with two main objectives: Reactivate the ISAC Node in Jefferson Trade Centre, and rescue the missing agent - Espinoza, who went in ahead of you. The fact that he hasn't been returning the Division's calls is not a good sign. You're also introduced to a Hyena named Coyote in this mission and she has a mean streak.

You're probably wanting to know more about the various features of The Division 2. If so, you can head back to our [MAIN GUIDE HUB] for various guides on the ins and outs of the game. Alternatively, you can head back to the previous mission - Rescue Eleanor Sawyer to learn how to defeat the Saint.

The Division 2 - Reactivate ISAC node and rescue Espinoza

Reward: +10 SHD Tech, Base of Operations Upgrade, +XP

As you arrive at the trade centre, head down the escalator and around the corner to the first room full of enemies. It’s a bit submerged, filled to the brim with cover to hide behind, but you shouldn’t have trouble with the enemies here. The next set of enemies are not too far beyond here and they can try to flank you from the left-hand side while using RC mines, to flush you out into the open. Shoot the mines to destroy them before getting too close.

The next few open areas aren’t anything to write home about, though melee fighters can come from the right hand side, so keep an ear out for their charge and potential RC mines. Head down the lift shaft and into the car part to find the next group of foes. Follow the waypoint through the large group of doors and head downstairs. Eventually you’ll find a door with a Division logo. Inside is a bit of a mess, but you’ll find some equipment.

Activating the ISAC Node.

Activating the ISAC Node will then prompt Kelso to request you find Espinoza. A Hyena called “Coyote” will then taunt you over the radio. Head back into the car park and there will be a much larger clan of Hyenas waiting for you. These include two purple variants, each with a distracting light, making it hard to target them. Use your skills when you need to here as it’s very difficult to do this at this level without them.

After some more taunting, enter the food court and take out the enemies inside. More will come in, including a yellow armoured one with a powerful machine gun. Keep behind cover and liberally pepper him with bullets to eventually take him down. Explosives are also a good idea here. Once done, head up the stairs to open the shutters and restock.

Shooting at Coyote - the boss for the mission.

The good news is you’ll find Espinoza. The bad news is Coyote pushes him to his death and lots of tough enemies fill the room. Look for the enemy with the Wireless sign above their head for the controller of the RC mines. There’s also a grenade launcher in the vicinity, so make those two your top priority targets.

Coyote hasn’t gone far, so head outside and hug the shipping container. Enemies will flood in, but Coyote is hanging much further back. Take out the enemies, including the grenade launcher. Once they’re all down, stick far back and take pot shots. She has a lot of armour but provided you’re using a long-range weapon, you shouldn’t have much trouble here. Once she’s dead, a few more enemies will come to avenge her. Kill them to complete the mission. This is where the beta missions ended, but you can head back to the first mission and start from the beginning in our Dawn's Early Light guide.

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