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The Division 2's new trial offers eight free hours and Rainbow Six: Siege goodies

Free fire zone

In the fiction of The Division 2, there must've been some folks who gave pause to the whole concept, right? Who, when their orange watch started beeping, reckoned they needed some time to decide whether they really wanted to become state-authorised secret soldiers? I can't say, but Ubisoft will, at least, now let you take a brief shot at The Division 2 for free - swaying over potential agents with the promise of goodies in Tom Clancy's other shooter.

The Division 2's new trial kicked off on April 21st, letting you play through eight hours of Ubisoft's underground cop 'em up. Just in case you thought about speedrunning your way up to The Division 2's endgame, it'll also cap your agent at level 8 - likewise, you can't join clans during a demo period, nor can you purchase premium credits for the in-game store.

If you're a Rainbow Six: Siege buff, there are gifts on offer to tide you across to Ubi's other Clancy shooter. Playing the trial will unlock a Division-inspired uniform for Polish defender Ela, along with a snazzy watch charm and a new skin for the Scorpion EVO3 A1. Playing Siege will also net you an "Impromptu" weapon skin for The Division 2. Folks who've been playing Divvy 2 this whole time will get all these goodies too. 'S only fair.

The Division 2 often goes free for weekend trials, but it's welcoming to see Ubisoft formalise a test-run for their loot 'em up. Limited as it might be, a trial's a nice chance to talk a walk in Divvy 2's shoes, try out some guns, and lark about with your pals before committing. The first game didn't land for me much as a shooter (an incredibly morally-compromised one, at that), but I adored its recreation of a glacial, post-apocalyptic New York City - at the very least, I'm tempted to take a tour of The Division 2's decrepit capitol swamplands.

Shame we can't take a poke through Div 2's Big Apple follow-up expansion Warlords Of New York in the trial, mind. Quite keen on re-treading the city's streets in sandals, not snowshoes.

The trial is available through both Uplay and the Epic Games Store (but not Stadia, currently). Progress gained during the trial will carry over into the full game, if you decide to pick it up once the clock runs out.

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