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The Division's DLC Will Be 30-Day XBox Exclusives

Coming to PC late

Everyone in The Secret RPS Chatroom Of Mystery is currently downloading all 30.5GBs of Tom Clancy's The Division, which is out now depending on how you bought it. We either like the idea of zoning out to the ringing bells of Ubisoft progress mechanics, or we're curious to leap into its Dark Zone and befriend and fight other players for valuable materials. If you're already in and playing however, then you might be disappointed to learn that some of the post-launch DLC we wrote about last week won't be available on PC till 30 days after it appears on XBone.

The new was announced via the Ubiblog that the first two of three paid expansions, titled 'Underground' and 'Survival', "will have 30-day exclusivity on Xbox One, starting from the day of their respective launches." There is no exact release date for those DLC yet, but Underground is due in June and Survival in "Summer."

You can watch the 'Year One' trailer that outlines what free and paid updates are coming throughout 2016 below. I don't mind Ubisoft talking about post-release content ahead of a game's release, because no one buys a game like this without hoping it'll be supported and grow, but it's a shame they didn't mention the exclusivity till the game was out and most pre-orders had been fulfilled. Is that sneaky? It seems a bit sneaky.

We'll have impressions of The Division up soon with a review to follow late this week or early next. We couldn't - and wouldn't - review it till it was released and we could see how it fares on public servers, which is why it'll be later than normal.

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