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The Division adding Horde-inspired mode and a big ship

The baddies of Ubisoft’s post-disaster Clancy-em-up The Division [official site] are sick of your attitude. The upcoming Resistance update 1.8 is free and sees the dastardly bullet sponges of New York hanging out together and putting their differences aside to form an alliance of flamethrowing cleaners, escaped prisoners, rioters and mercenaries, all of whom want you dead in a ditch. What a good plan. You might even say it’s intrepid. At least, I would, because I also need to mention the new area coming to the game, the West Side piers, housing tourist attraction and quite-large aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid.

You can get the gist of it all in a trailer Ubi showed off yesterday. This is that.

Cover image for YouTube video

There’s new modes too, obv, including the eponymous Resistance mode which they’ve called “The Division’s take on Horde mode” during a Twitch broadcast earlier today - it involves surviving waves of murderfolk around the piers. There’s also a 4v4 PvP skirmish mode where you gotta kill your fellow humans against the clock, as well as other tweaks and balance adjustments, like reworked hipfire and aiming speeds.

You can’t just clamber into the big ship in the open world, however. You only get into the belly of the beast in the Resistance mode. But there are other fun places to visit, like a nightclub with aquarium tanks for a floor. There’s still plenty of obligatory grey streets with familiar waist-high obstacles too, so don't worry. It’s a big new chunk of map however – consisting of two zones – which is good if you can’t get enough of Manhattan’s snowy death throes. Previous updates have focused on the underground of the city or creating new modes like stressful but fun Survival mode, so it’s nice to see some more of NYC proper.

There’s no release date for update 1.8 as yet. But we’ll let you know.

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