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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 Rising Today


Michonne's in In Too Deep, and she's trying to keep
Up above in her head instead of going under.
Cause she's in In Too Deep, and she's trying to keep
Up above in her head instead of going under.
Instead of going under.

Sometimes I secretly delight in writing horrendous posts, but I want you to know this one is intentional. If I'm having that song stuck in my head all day, you are too. Here's a refresher. But the video following below is definitely a trailer celebrating the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne [official site] - named 'In Too Deep' - coming out today. It really is. Even I wouldn't dunk Sum 41 on you again.

Look, see, this video is definitely about Michonne dropping away for a few issues in the comics timeline to get up to an adventure of her own:

The three-episode miniseries will kick at 6pm tonight. All three parts will cost £10.99/$14.99 together on Steam annnd through Humble and direct from Telltale too. Telltale plan to release the second episode in March then the third in April.

Here's six minutes from the ep, if you want to see what it's actually like:

I swear I'm not Deryckrolling you here: this link really does lead to a great piece with a linguistics professor analysing that grotesque '90s pop-punk accent. I was More Alternative Than Thou back in the day but must concede that some of those songs are, as I would have denied, CHOONS! But who could say where this link leads?

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