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Oh Hey, Ghost Recon Wildlands Still Looks Pretty Fun

Co-op and combustion? Sold!

Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] is a far cry from ye olde Ghost Recon games but... oh no, I'm appalled by having accidentally punned yet pleased by how fitting it is. We only saw a little when Ubisoft announced the open-world shooter at E3 last June, but it reminded us of a po-faced take on Far Cry's outposts or Just Cause. Which sounds like a lark, especially considering it supports four-player co-op. With E3 coming back around, Ubi have dropped a new trailer with parachutes, dirt bikes, sniper rifles, explosions, and buggies with miniguns on top - all of which I welcome.

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So! Wildlands is an open-world shooter about armymens romping around Bolivia, taking on drug lords and scrapping with the government. They've been very naughty, and the US army don't like that. As you'd expect, the Ghosts' options range from careful, silent takedowns to full-on guns-blazing explodefests. Ubi have said the Ghosts will get to play factions against each other too.

It's seems very much made with co-op in mind. Folks can play on their lonesome, but will still be accompanied by AI buddies. Yes, I would like to lark about in an open murderworld with my murderpals. The combination of co-op, cars, and combustion always sounds good to me.

Ubisoft Paris are leading development on this one, supported by a handful of other studios as is Ubi's way. They haven't announced a release date, or even release window, for Wildlands but recent business murmurings say to expect it before the end of March 2017.

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