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Total Warhammer getting extra units to celebrate Creative Assembly's 30th birthday

Happy birthday to us all

As part of their their thirtieth birthday celebrations, The Creative Assembly are about to whack thirty extra 'Regiment of Renown' into Total War: Warhammer [official site]. Sadly, the celebratory additions are simply famed units from the world of Warhammer [that's 'the Hamwarworld' to fans -tabletop ed.] rather than folks from Creative Assembly's history. There's no Garrius from Accountington, no Great Minstrel Jeff van Dyck, no General Ian dos Fifa, not even Pip's Beyoncé elf. No, instead we're getting the likes of Khorok's Manrippers, Knights of the Lionhearted, Wyrd Spawn, and Loec's Tricksters. Pssh, fine, you have your 'lore'. Here, meet some of them in this video:

Cover image for YouTube video

They're unit variants with fancy abilities and fancier hats, see.

The new Regiments or Renown are due to launch on August 10th. The Beastmen, Bretonnia, Chaos Warriors, Wood Elves, and Norsca will get six units each. Hit the Birthday Regiments FAQ for more details on 'em all.

And yes, that's the Norsca who are being offered as Twahammer DLC free to people who pre-order Twahammer 2 or buy it within a week of launch. Or they'll cost £7.99 separately. Which means that this is really 24 extra units coming to Twarhammer, plus 6 extra for the DLC. I suppose that also makes this partially an announcement of free bonus DLC for paid DLC which isn't even out yet. What strange times we live in.

While Twarhammer 2 isn't out until September 28th, the Norsca will hit Twarhammer on August 10th - the same day as this update.

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