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Tunic East Forest guide: how to defeat the Guard Captain and find the East Belltower in Tunic

Here's how to get through the East Forest in Tunic

Want to find the East Belltower in Tunic? After getting the sword from Hero's Grave, you'll find yourself seemingly trapped in the East Forest. The way you came is now inaccessible due to a fallen ladder, so you'll need to find another way back to the Overworld. Fortunately, that new sword should come in handy by allowing you to access new areas.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the East Forest in Tunic so that you can get back to the East Belltower and ring the bell within, which you'll need to do to get into the Sealed Temple.

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Tunic East Forest guide

After grabbing the sword from Hero's Grave, make your way back to the East Forest by cutting through the bushes blocking the stairs. Rest at the East Forest save point and then head up the nearby ladders and kill the Rudeling enemies. Climb the next set of ladders and make your way across the bridge to find a locked gate. There are more ladders that you can climb to the left, so make your way up and kill the Rudelings. Then, take the next set of ladders (there sure is a lot of climbing here) and head over to the lever, which you can use to open the locked gate. Use the lever and then make your way back down and through the gate to get into Guardhouse 1.

In Guardhouse 1, you'll see a passage ahead that you can take. This leads to the East Belltower, but we recommend taking a slight detour first. Open the nearby chests to get a health potion fragment and some more currency, and then use the lever to reveal a new set of ladders. Use these to get down and kill the enemies below, and then use the wooden ladders to climb up to a new area. Follow the path around and head outside to find a health potion in a treasure chest. This is a permanent upgrade that will reset whenever you rest, so now you have a health potion to use whenever you're in a tough situation. Very useful!

How to defeat the Guard Captain in Tunic

When you're ready, head back into Guardhouse 1 and make your way back over to the original entrance. Follow the passage that we previously said to avoid to stumble into your first boss encounter against the Guard Captain. The captain has a Rudeling as backup, so kill them first and then focus on the boss.

This boss fight should prove quite simple, as the Guard Captain telegraphs their attacks obviously before lunging forward. Roll to avoid these lunges and then unleash a flurry of sword slashes to quickly whittle down its health bar and emerge victorious. If you do take a hit, remember to use that health potion you found earlier.

How to find the East Belltower in Tunic

After defeating the Guard Captain, use the nearby lever to get into the next room, where you'll find a treasure chest with another health potion. Make your way up the steps behind this chest and climb the ladder at the top to get back into the East Belltower. This is the same room you previously passed through when travelling to the Hero's Grave to find your sword, but you'll find yourself on a higher platform that you couldn't previously access. Hit the large structure nearby with your sword to ring the bell and then use the rope to climb back down and head back out into the Overworld.

That's everything you need to know to find the East Belltower in Tunic. If you're not sure what to do next, check out our complete Tunic walkthrough to find your next steps in the adventure. If you're looking for some useful items, take a look at our guides on how to find a shield in Tunic and how to find a wand in Tunic.

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