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Tunic walkthrough: every area, boss, and dungeon

Our full walkthrough will guide you through every area, dungeon, and boss in Tunic

Looking for a Tunic walkthrough? Tunic is a sprawling game that harkens back to old Zelda adventures. With multiple maps to explore, sprawling dungeons to navigate, and powerful bosses to defeat, Tunic can feel overwhelming for the unprepared. Fortunately, we're here to help with our Tunic walkthrough.

Below, we'll take you through each step of Tunic's main quest so that you can complete the game without getting lost in dark caves and eerie forests.

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How to get into the Sealed Temple in Tunic

Your first goal in Tunic is to get into the Sealed Temple. The large golden doors are initially locked, but you can eventually get inside. To do this, you need to ring the bells in the East and West Belltowers. Below, we walk you through how to get to both Belltowers so that you can enter the Sealed Temple, while also explaining how to get some crucial early-game items. We'll also explain how to defeat the first true boss in Tunic.

The guides above will take you from the first moment when you wake up on the beach through to the first major boss and the Sealed Temple.

How to get the three keys in Tunic

After defeating the Garden Knight and ringing the bell in the West Belltower, you can make your way back to the Sealed Temple. Interact with the doors again to enter the Temple, and then make your way through to find a large contraption in the centre. There are three slots here, each requiring a key.

There are three keys (red, green, and blue) scattered around the world in large dungeons that you must collect. The next series of guides will walk you through how to get your hands on each key and how to defeat the many bosses you'll face on this journey.

More guides are on the way!

That wraps up our Tunic walkthrough. If you want to know more about what we thought of this isometric action-adventure, take a look at our Tunic review to find out why we think it's "a cunning Zelda homage with a touch of Souls".

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