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How to find the lantern in Tunic

Learn how to find the Lantern in Tunic

Want to know how to find the lantern in Tunic? After exploring the East Forest in Tunic, your next step is to ring the bell in the West Belltower and unlock the Sealed Temple. However, to reach the West Belltower, you'll need to pass through the Dark Tomb, which is almost impossible without a lantern. Fortunately, we're here to explain where to find the lantern in Tunic.

This guide covers everything you need to know to get into the Well and navigate the underground areas to find the lantern in Tunic.

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How to get into the Well in Tunic

After getting the Shield in the Old House, head through the gate ahead and make your way up the steps towards the exit. This will bring you out by a waterfall that you can walk behind to get back to the Sealed Temple save point, so do that if you need to rest.

When you're ready, head back through the waterfall and follow the path around to the bridge. Make your way across and get ready to fight, as the second pair of skulls on the ground nearby are actually Phrends. The Phrends will sprout wings and attack, so kill these enemies and then continue along this path. You'll pass a cave entrance that leads to the Dark Tomb, but you can ignore that for now.

Continue along over the bridge and kill the Rudelings before heading down along the next path. Another blue Rudeling waits here by a bridge, so kill this enemy and then cross the bridge. Kill the Rudeling ahead and then watch on the left side, as an Autobolt Turret will pop out of the ground. Use your shield to block its attacks while making your way around the water to destroy it with your sword.

After defeating the turret, head right and interact with the raised bridge to kick it down. Cross the bridge and then do the same with the raised bridge on the other side to unlock a shortcut that leads back to the Sealed Temple. Rest up at the save point there if you need to, and then cross back over this shortcut and head down the ladder to enter the Well.

Tunic fox running to avoid lasers in the sewers while holding a shield

How to find the lantern in Tunic

When you enter the Well, head down the stairs into the water and open the chest on the right side to find a potion upgrade item that you can use to level up your potions at a save point. Luckily, there's one just ahead, so follow the water to the left and rest up. After resting, continue left through the doorway into a large sewer chamber. Immediately turn left to find an instruction manual page, and then make your way across the water to find another passage leading into a second chamber.

In this chamber, head across the water and up the steps towards an Autobolt Turret that you can easily defeat with your sword. Then, go right and head up through the passage ahead into the next area. Follow this corridor along until you spot light shining through another doorway about halfway along. Head through that door and follow the path along the wall to find another turret. As you continue following this path, you'll find some Rudelings, so fight those as well and then head across the nearby bridge and through the next door.

You'll spot a raised bridge nearby, so use it to open a shortcut back to the save point and then head left and through the next doorway. Climb the nearby ladders and open the chest at the top to find a defense upgrade item, and then follow the ledge around to find another doorway.

Going through this doorway will briefly take you back to the Overworld, but just follow the path along to find another door that leads into a large chamber with a stone pillar in the centre. You'll find the lantern on the floor by this pillar, so walk over and pick it up. This automatically equips the lantern, so you'll find that any dark areas are now dimly lit.

With the lantern now in your inventory, head back across the walkway into the Well. As you head back inside, you'll find the room is now lit by the lantern, revealing another passage on the right side. Follow this path and fight the Rudelings you find in the next room. After this fight, use the nearby lever to open a gate that leads through to another save point. Rest here and then climb the nearby ladders to find a shortcut back to the Dark Tomb, which you can now navigate with the lantern.

That covers everything you need to know to get through the Well and find the lantern in Tunic. This is crucial to get through the Dark Tomb, which you'll need to navigate to find the West Garden. If you're unsure about your next steps, take a look at our complete Tunic walkthrough to ensure you don't get lost in this sprawling world. If you want to know where to find other useful items, check out our guides on how to find the wand in Tunic and how to find the magic orb in Tunic.

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