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Tunic West Garden guide: how to reach the West Garden and find the West Belltower in Tunic

Learn how to reach the West Garden and find the West Belltower in Tunic

Want to know how to reach the West Garden and find the West Belltower in Tunic? To access the Sealed Temple in Tunic, you need to find the West Belltower in the West Garden. However, to reach the West Garden, you must navigate the Dark Tomb. This cave is incredibly dark, making it almost impossible to explore without a lantern, so make sure to grab that before heading inside.

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to get through the Dark Tomb and reach the West Garden. We'll also walk you through the West Garden region so that you can reach the West Belltower and open the Sealed Temple.

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Tunic Dark Tomb guide: how to reach the West Garden in Tunic

After finding the lantern, head to the Dark Tomb entrance and make your way along the first corridor. While this area was previously covered in darkness, you should now find that your lantern illuminates a small area around you. This allows you to spot enemies and traps within the Dark Tomb, making it much easier to get through alive.

Continue through this passage and kill the Fleemers ahead. Shortly after the Fleemers, you'll spot some spike traps on the floor. These traps will trigger if you step on them, so carefully navigate around them and continue down this corridor into the large chamber ahead.

In the chamber at the end of this passage, you'll need to interact with two skulls. They are found on either side of the room, but be careful of any enemies roaming around in the darkness. After activating these skulls, a crypt will move in the centre of the room, revealing a ladder that leads down into the depths of this cave. At the bottom of these ladders, follow the corridor to the left and head down the stairs to find another room filled with spike traps.

Tunic fox in a dark cave, dimly lit by the lantern

Before trying to find a way through the traps, head to the corner of the room by the stairs and look for a treasure chest containing a health potion fragment. After collecting this item, make your way around the spike traps and into the next corridor. Here, you'll find some statues pointing lasers across the corridor. If you pass through one of these lasers, it will activate a trap that makes the statues fire at you, so use your sword to destroy them. Make your way along the passage and into the chamber at the end, where you'll find more of these traps seemingly protecting a chest. Destroy them and open the chest to get some currency, and then proceed into the next room using the Southern doorway.

This room is filled with similar traps, so carefully cut through the stone statues while avoiding their lasers. When the chamber is clear, check on the right side for a lever that you can use. Interact with this lever to open a large door on the opposite end that you can use to exit the Dark Tomb. Head through the doorway and into the next chamber. You'll spot a treasure chest on the other side, so make your way around the stone pillar in the centre and open the chest to find a defense upgrade item. After grabbing this item, head left through the nearby door to leave the Dark Tomb and head into the West Garden.

Tunic fox looking over the West Garden with a telescope. River passes through ruins and wooden scaffolding
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Tunic West Garden guide: how to find the West Belltower in Tunic

When you're ready for the next part of your adventure, follow the signpost along the ledge into the West Garden. Make your way along the path and past the large set of stairs. Cross over the bridge by the telescope and then use the nearby rubble to cross over the water to the ruins ahead. Continue left and make your way around the corner to find a save point.

After resting, head left and use the stone walkway to get across the water. You'll find a Chompignom at the end, so kill that before following the stone beam in the northeast corner to find manual pages 26 and 27, which contain a map of the West Garden. After finding the map, head back to where you found the Chompignom and use the rubble in the left corner to head down into the water. Make your way through the water and into the ruins, where a Fairy will start flying around and firing lasers. Use your shield to block its attacks while fighting.

After killing the Fairy, head underneath the nearby bridge and follow the path right to the end. Here, head left to move around the rubble and onto another platform, where you'll find some more Fairies. Kill them and continue left to find more Fairies in a small stone ruin. After defeating this group, use the nearby wooden planks to get onto the walls of this ruin and follow the ledge around to another platform. There are three Chompignoms here, so try to lure them out one at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

After killing these Chompignoms, use the nearby stone ramp to get onto the bridge. Immediately turn right at the top and head onto the other side of this walkway. Then, turn right again and follow the pink power line on the floor to the South, where you'll find another save point. Rest here and then follow the bridge North to find a Rudeling and a Chompignom together. Kill these and then climb the nearby ladders to find a chest with an attack upgrade item.

Tunic fox standing by the shining blue light of the West Belltower
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There's a boss fight coming up, so make sure you head to the nearest save point to level up if you can, and then follow the path North from this chest to find the Garden Knight boss. This fight is much tougher than the Guard Captain that you fought previously, so make sure to check out our Garden Knight boss fight guide for some crucial tips if you're struggling.

After defeating the Garden Knight, follow the path East all the way to the end to find the West Belltower. Climb the ladders and activate the bell by striking it with your sword, and then use the nearby raised bridge to create a shortcut that leads back to the windmill in the Overworld. If you've been following our complete Tunic walkthrough, you should now be ready to head into the Sealed Temple and start the next part of your journey.

That covers everything you need to know to reach the West Garden and find the West Belltower in Tunic. If you're wandering what other items you can find out in the world, take a look at our guides on how to find the wand in Tunic and how to find a magic orb in Tunic. If you're unsure where to go next, head to the Forest Fortress to find the red key.

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