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Tunic Forest Fortress guide: how to get the red key in Tunic

Learn how to navigate the Forest Fortress and find the red key in Tunic

Want to find the red key in Tunic? After entering the Sealed Temple, you will have a new goal in Tunic. Now, you must find three keys scattered across the world. The easiest to get is the red key, which is located deep within the Eastern Vault of the Forest Fortress.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to find and navigate the Forest Fortress so that you can get the red key in Tunic.

Tunic Forest Fortress guide: how to get the red key in Tunic

Below, we'll walk you through how to get to the Forest Fortress, how to get into the Eastern Vault, and how to get the red key in Tunic.

How to find the Forest Fortress in Tunic

To find the Forest Fortress, head through the Sealed Temple and take the path on the right side of the chamber to climb up to the mountain ledge. Walk to the end of this ledge and climb the ladder by the telescope. Kill the nearby Rudeling and then follow the path right past the large set of stairs. Keep going along the ledge until you reach a ladder. Climb down this first set of ladders but don't take the second set. Instead, walk left and follow this hidden path around to a lever. This unlocks a shortcut between the Sealed Temple save point and the Forest Fortress, so quickly rest if needed and then follow the path right into the forest.

When you enter the forest, you'll find yourself in a new area that you haven't previously visited. Walk along the stone bridge and use the rubble to get down to the mud path, and then follow this around to a save point. Rest here and then follow the power line to the right to find a power block. Hold A on your controller for a few seconds to pray at this structure, which will turn on the power. Follow the power line along until you come to another power block. Pray here again to activate the next power line, and then grab the nearby manual page. From here, head down the nearby ladders to get beneath the Eastern Vault.

Beneath the Eastern Vault guide

At the bottom of these ladders, destroy all of the crates with your sword and look for a crack in the wall. Head through this crack to enter an underground cave. Wade into the water and follow it right to find another passage. Walk down this corridor and through more water to find a chamber lit with a dim blue light. Kill the Spyrite and other enemies in here and then head through the doorway on the right side of the room.

Follow this corridor along until you come to another chamber. This room, covered in water thanks to a nearby waterfall, has 5 Spyrite enemies that you need to kill. Once you've finished this group, look on the South side opposite the waterfall to find another passage. This leads you through most of the rest of the cave, so just keep following the path until you come to a prison with cells on either side. Investigate these cells to find a treasure chest and a shortcut, and then head through the top right cell to enter another prison. Kill the enemies here and then head through the door at the other end. Kill the Custodians here and then pray at the power block to activate a power line. Follow this over to the stairs and head up to enter the main floor of the Eastern Vault.

Tunic fox standing at the gold door in the Eastern Vault

Eastern Vault guide

When you enter the main floor of the Eastern Vault, head through the nearby door and kill the Custodians on this top ledge. Then, use the rubble as a ramp to get down to the main room and finish off the rest of the enemies. When the room is clear, activate the power block and then follow the power line out of the room towards a save point. Rest here and then head through the next door to enter a large hallway. There are some Custodians here guarding a stairwell, so kill them and then head through the door on the opposite side to enter the right wing of the Eastern Vault. Head up the stairs on the right side here and go through the door.

When you exit the other side, you'll find yourself on a ledge. Make your way across while killing any nearby Custodians and use the lever at the end of the path. Ignore the ladders for now and head through the nearby door instead. Walk along this path to the end, killing any Custodians you see, and activate the power block. When that's done, use the nearby lever to open a new ladder back down to the central outside courtyard. There's another power block here that you can now activate, so kill any enemies and then quickly pray here.

With that power block activated, head back into the Forest Fortress and head up the stairs in this main hallway. Kill the Custodians at the top and then activate two more power blocks to open the sealed golden door at the end of corridor. Head into the next chamber and rest at the save point at the end of the path.

Tunic fox standing by the Siege Engine that has awoken in the boss arena

When you're ready for a boss fight, head up the stairs until you find the Siege Engine. This is the boss of the Forest Fortress dungeon and it's an absolute behemoth, so be prepared for a tough fight ahead. If you want more help with this fight, check out our Siege Engine boss fight guide.

After defeating the Siege Engine, take the small device that drops on the floor and head back down the steps. Use the device in the centre of the strange metal hexagon that's positioned just above the save point to open a pillar that holds the red key. Simply grab the red key to add it to your inventory and complete the Forest Fortress dungeon. There's nothing left to do here, so head back to the Overworld when you're ready and take the red key to the Sealed Temple.

That wraps up our Tunic Forest Fortress guide. Now that you have the red key, you can head back to our complete Tunic walkthrough to continue your quest to find the other keys. Your next step is the Ruined Atoll, which you must explore to find the magic orb and the green key. If you haven't already, make sure to grab the wand before continuing your quest.

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