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Tunic Siege Engine boss guide: how to defeat the Siege Engine in Tunic

Learn how to defeat the Siege Engine in Tunic

Want to know how to defeat the Siege Engine in Tunic? The Siege Engine boss is much tougher than anything you've previously faced in Tunic, so our little fox protagonist is in for a challenge. Fortunately, we're here to explain the Siege Engine moveset and give some crucial tips that you can use to easily defeat this boss.

In this guide, we'll explain how to defeat the Siege Engine boss in Tunic, so that you can complete the Forest Fortress dungeon.

How to defeat the Siege Engine in Tunic

The Siege Engine has five attacks that it will use throughout the fight. These attacks are:

  • Lunge Swipe: The Siege Engine rears back and then lunges forward for a swipe with its sword. Roll as the sword sweeps towards you to avoid damage, or use your shield to block.
  • Bombs: The Siege Engine points its head towards the sky and pumps out three orange orbs. These orbs are bombs that will track you and explode upon impact. When these bombs appear, we recommend getting as close to the Siege Engine as possible. If they detonate near the boss, it'll take damage from its own attack.
  • Laser beam: The Siege Engine will draw energy into its face to charge up before unleashing a laser beam that sweeps across the arena. When you see this happening, run to the side as fast as possible and try to get behind the Siege Engine to avoid taking damage.
  • Leg slam/swipe: The Siege Engine will use a front leg for a close-range slam or swipe attack. If it lifts its leg up when you're nearby, dash away quickly or ready your shield to block any incoming damage.
  • Turret: The Siege Engine will slightly raise its face before unleashing a torrent of energy blasts from its head. These shots aren't too troublesome, as the shield will easily absorb most of these hits if you have enough stamina.

The Siege Engine will also occasionally stop attacking to spawn in two Fairies, which will dart around the arena and attack you from above. Make sure you have the wand so that you can easily kill these from a distance.

The Siege Engine has two spots that you can hit to deal damage. For some easy, low-damage attacks, hit the face with your sword. This isn't a weakspot, but it will deal some damage.

If you're looking for a weakspot that will help you finish this boss fight with ease, get behind the Siege Engine and look for a small capsule on its rear. This capsule is a weakspot, so slash it with your sword to deal plenty of damage. This also protects you from any attacks, as the Siege Engine doesn't have any moves that will attack behind.

As always, there are plenty of other items that you can use to make this fight easier. While the magic wand won't deal much damage to the Siege Engine boss itself, it will certainly help you deal with any Fairies that appear during the fight. If you have access to any explosive items, using these can deal a significant amount of damage to the Siege Engine while you stand at a safe distance.

That covers how to defeat the Siege Engine in Tunic. If you're unsure what to do after defeating this boss, take a look at our complete Tunic walkthrough. Your next goal is to get the green key from the Ruined Atoll, where you will also find the magic orb in Tunic.

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