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How to level up in Tunic

Learn how to upgrade your stats, including max health and damage, in Tunic

A fox looks up at a fiery lupine statue in Tunic
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Want to know how to level up in Tunic? As you explore the world of Tunic, you'll find plenty of currency that you can use to level up your fox protagonist. However, it isn't immediately clear how to level up in Tunic, which can leave you slightly underleveled when facing tough bosses like the Garden Knight and Siege Engine.

In this guide, we'll explain how to level up in Tunic, so that you can upgrade your character and get even stronger.

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How to level up in Tunic

We'll cover how to level up in full detail below, but you can naturally learn this mechanic during your adventure. If you simply want to find the manual page that explains leveling up, you'll find it by the entrance to the Well, which you must explore to find the lantern in Tunic.

With that out of the way, let's get into more detail. There are 6 stats that you can level up in Tunic and they each have a corresponding upgrade item that you'll find as you explore:

  • Attack (fang)
  • Defense (fox doll)
  • Health Points (flower)
  • Potion (pressed petals)
  • Stamina Points (leaf)
  • Magic Points (blue mushroom)

Upgrading these stats will make you stronger, increase your max health, stamina, and mana, and even increase the strength of your healing potions. The upgrade items are found in treasure chests throughout your adventure, so make sure you search every nook and cranny as you explore.

Once you have the necessary item, head to a save point shrine. While you'd usually interact with the A button to rest, you can skip this for now. Instead, get close to the save point and press LB to open your inventory. On the right side of the inventory screen, you will see the upgrade items that you currently have. Simply scroll over to the upgrade item and select it to upgrade.

Each time you upgrade, you will lose the upgrade item and spend an increasing amount of money. While the cost is rather low when taking your first few levels, it quickly grows to become hundreds of points per upgrade.

Fortunately, you can always get more money by killing enemies throughout Tunic's world. Enemies will reset each time you rest, so you can farm an endless amount of money by simply resting at a save point and killing any nearby enemies.

That covers everything you need to know to level up in Tunic. If you're feeling lost, check out our Tunic walkthrough to quickly find your next goal. If you're struggling against a particularly difficult boss, we suggest spending some time to find the wand in Tunic and find the magic orb in Tunic, as these powerful items will prove invaluable against tough enemies.

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