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Tunic Librarian boss guide: how to defeat the Librarian in Tunic

Learn how to defeat the Librarian in Tunic

Want to know how to defeat the Librarian in Tunic? The Librarian is an incredibly tough boss in Tunic. If you've already faced the Garden Knight and Siege Engine, this is a huge step up that'll prove to be an incredible challenge. Fortunately, we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll break down how to defeat the Librarian in Tunic, so that you can get the green key and complete the Ruined Atoll.

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How to defeat the Librarian in Tunic

The Librarian mostly hovers around the edge of the arena, and tends to use the 5 attacks listed below:

  • Energy wave: The Librarian raises their sword into the air before slashing in the direction of the player. This sends an energy wave out in your direction, so try to run to the side to avoid taking damage. This may also leave a trail of dark energy that deals damage, so rolling towards this attack might prove fatal.
  • Energy beam: The Librarian points their sword towards the player and emits a crackly orange energy beam. When this finishes charging, a dark energy beam will erupt from the sword and damage anything it hits. Fortunately, the Librarian doesn't tend to move while firing, so you can dodge to the side to easily avoid this attack.
  • Homing orbs: The Librarian raises their hand and summons magical orbs around the arena. These orbs will move towards the player and track your movements, so try to roll as they get close to send them hurtling past. You can also use your shield to deflect these back towards the Librarian.
  • Lightning warp: The Librarian points their sword towards the sky and summons a beam of lightning. They will then briefly disappear for a moment, before bursting into the centre of the arena. When they reappear, this will deal lightning damage to anything nearby. Try to stick to the edges of the arena and then attack the Librarian from behind while they recover from this attack.
  • Lunge swipe: The Librarian will hold their sword back and shudder for a brief moment, before lunging towards you with their sword. This is easy to block with the shield, but you can also roll as they approach and then unleash a quick combo of sword attacks.
Tunic fox fighting purple Rudelings on the Library tower, surrounded by darkness

The Librarian will also spawn various enemies throughout the boss fight. They will spawn groups of Rudelings, Phrends, or Fairies at random intervals. Consider using bombs to kill these enemy groups quickly so that you can turn your attention back to the Librarian. Killing these minions will also restore some of your mana points, which proves useful when dealing damage.

Since the Librarian rarely comes close to make a melee attack, actually dealing damage proves difficult. This fight is certainly much slower than the others, but we have an easy way to land plenty of hits.

While the Librarian hovers around, we suggest using the wand to shoot some magic bolts. These ranged shots will slowly chip away at their health, while giving you plenty of space to avoid any attacks that come your way. You can also use the magic orb to pull the Librarian over to the edge of the arena, which is useful for getting in melee range.

We recommend focusing on using these magic weapons to deal damage while avoiding any attacks. Then, when the Librarian uses the Lightning warp attack, get behind them and unleash a combo of sword swipes to pile on the damage. This is your best opportunity for melee attacks throughout the fight. Follow this pattern and you should find that the Librarian dies pretty soon.

That covers everything you need to know to defeat the Librarian in Tunic. If you're unsure of what to do next, take a look at our Tunic walkthrough to find the other keys for the Sealed Temple. If this is your first key, you should head to the Forest Fortress to find the red key.

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