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TV’s favourite football manager Ted Lasso is coming to FIFA 23

He’s in the game, along with club AFC Richmond

Apple TV’s feelgood football manager Ted Lasso will make his digital debut in FIFA 23 when the game releases on September 30th, EA have revealed today. Lasso’s club AFC Richmond will be playable in multiple modes, including Career Mode. There’ll also be themed items in FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. Stick on a fake moustache and your biggest grin to watch the trailer below.

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond have qualified for FIFA 23.Watch on YouTube

The video’s a bit of a laugh, with pundits and players such as Ian Wright, Wayne Rooney and Jack Grealish chipping in with their opinions on Lasso, played by actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis. Lasso’s Twitter posted an image of him being scanned using FIFA’s 3D facial rig yesterday, which EA’s FIFA account responded to, leading to speculation that he’d be featured in the game somehow.

Lasso and AFC Richmond a.k.a. the Greyhounds will be playable in Career Mode, as well as other modes including Kick-off, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons. Items themed around AFC Richmond such as kits, tifos and Manager items will be unlockable in FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. Players Roy Kent, Jamie Tartt, Sam Obisanya and Dani Rojas are in the game as part of the AFC Richmond squad. Their ground at Nelson Road features too.

“It is so f***ing cool to be in FIFA. I’m not sure this is going to help dispel the CGI rumours but f*** it, totally worth it,” actor Brett Goldstein said, the show’s Roy Kent. “I look forward to beating my nephew in a game with me as Roy Kent and him as Jamie Tartt. He’s gonna be furious.”

EA are ditching the FIFA appellation for their footballing series from next year. Instead, the series will go by their existing online social brand of EA Sports FC, a decision the company announced back in May. The name sounds a bit like an amateur side, but it’ll still essentially be what FIFA was before, as teams, leagues and players fall under separate licence agreements. There could be some effect on FIFA-organised tournaments such as, erm, the World Cup, but you can expect to see UEFA tournaments and national leagues remaining.

FIFA 23’s kick off is scheduled for September 30th on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £60/$70/€70. I had been hoping for Ted Lasso in MultiVersus too, but that doesn’t seem to be happening just yet. Oh well.

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