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FIFA 23 best strikers: The best ST and CF forward players

Discover the best strikers in FIFA 23

Looking for the best strikers in FIFA 23? Strikers are core to any team in FIFA 23 - without them, you wouldn't score many goals. The best strikers aren't just charging forward with the ball recklessly, though. They're fast and ferocious, able to cut past defenders with skilled footwork and create opportunities by moving quickly down the pitch. When it's time to shoot, they can maintain form and easily knock the ball into the net, regardless of whether they're performing a power shot, a low driven shot, or an outside foot shot.

In this guide, we'll list the best strikers in FIFA 23, ranking them by their overall rating as well as their pace and shooting scores, so that you can see how the top 25 match up in key areas.

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FIFA 23 best strikers

Karim Benzema is the best striker in FIFA 23 - an unsurprising feat, considering he also tops our list of the best players in FIFA 23. After a phenomenal year in which he helped Real Madrid win both LaLiga and the Champions League, EA declared Benzema as the top player in FIFA 23 shortly before launch. This is due to a 2 point overall rating increase from last year, which sees him soar above last year's top strikers - Lewandowski, Ronaldo, and Mbappe - who all either lost points or kept the same rating in FIFA 23.

For those in Ultimate Team, Benzema can get even better if you apply a Chemistry Modifier to make him a FIFA 23's coveted lengthy players.

Below, we’ll list the best strikers in FIFA 23, ranked by their overall rating. We’ve also included their shooting and pace stats in the below table, so you can see the other important details that might impact the striker you want on your team.

Name Position Overall rating Shooting Pace Club Nationality
Karim Benzema CF 91 88 80 Real Madrid France
Robert Lewandowski ST 91 91 75 FC Barcelona Poland
Kylian Mbappe ST 91 89 97 PSG France
Cristiano Ronaldo ST 90 92 81 Manchester United Portugal
Harry Kane ST 89 91 68 Tottenham Hotspur England
Erling Haaland ST 88 91 89 Manchester City Norway
Ciro Immobile ST 86 87 85 Latium Italy
Romelu Lukaku ST 86 85 80 Inter Milan Belgium
Paulo Dybala CF 86 85 80 Roma FC Argentina
Lautaro Martinez ST 86 83 83 Inter Milan Argentina
Christopher Nkunku CF 86 81 88 RB Leipzig France
Gerard Moreno ST 85 86 78 Villareal CF Spain
Iago Aspas ST 85 85 82 RC Celta Spain
Memphis Depay CF 85 84 83 FC Barcelona Netherlands
Jamie Vardy ST 85 84 84 Leicester City England
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ST 85 84 87 Chelsea Gabon
Patrik Schick ST 85 83 78 Leverkusen Czech Republic
Diogo Jota CF 85 83 85 Liverpool FC Portugal
Dusan Vlahovic ST 84 85 80 Juventus Serbia
Joao Felix CF 84 80 83 Atletico de Madrid Portugal
Luis Suarez ST 84 86 70 National Montevideo Uruguay
Wisam Ben Yedder ST 84 84 81 AS Monaco France
Edin Dzeko ST 84 84 63 Inter Milan Bosnia
Dries Mertens ST 84 82 83 Galatasaray Belgium
Kai Havertz ST 84 79 81 Chelsea Germany

There are plenty of key insights to take from that table, which is packed full of important info. For example, Mbappe is one of the top strikers in FIFA 23, but he's also the fastest player with a Pace of 97. That allows him to sprint up the pitch at incredible speed and break away from even the best defenders in FIFA 23, leaving only the goalkeeper in his path to victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo has the best shooting score in FIFA 23, with a total of 92 in arguably the most important stat for a striker. That score comes from a combination of his incredibly high positioning, finishing, power, long shots, and penalty stats, all of which are 90 or higher. Few can compete with Ronaldo's finishing abilities, making him an obvious choice for any team if you want to get the ball past the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23.

That's it for our list of the best strikers in FIFA 23, but the teambuilding doesn't stop here. If you want to create a strong squad that will remain at the top of your league for seasons to come, take a look at our FIFA 23 career mode wonderkids page to find some exceptionally talented youth players. If you're after the best strikers in Ultimate Team, check out our FIFA 23 OTW tracker to find dynamic cards that could improve every week.

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