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How to do a low driven shot in FIFA 23

Learn how to do a low driven shot in FIFA 23

Want to know how to do a low driven shot in FIFA 23? Low driven shots might seem like a simple technique in FIFA 23, but when required to complete one for an objective or a FUT moment, you might find yourself struggling. That’s because this technique has changed in FIFA 23, so you’ll need to learn how to do a low driven shot technique if you want to get ahead. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

In this guide, we break down how to do a low driven shot in FIFA 23, so that you can get some goals in the bottom of the net with ease.

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How to do a low driven shot in FIFA 23

To do a low driven shot in FIFA 23, you must simply run with the ball and lightly hold B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation controllers. When the shooting power bar comes up, you want to charge your shot to roughly 25% of the bar. If you can shoot with about a quarter power, your player will simply do a low driven shot.

If you’re familiar with previous FIFA games, you might realise that the controls have changed. In the past, low driven shots required players to hold both of the bumper buttons (LB and RB/L1 and R1) while shooting.

Fortunately, the new inputs for FIFA 23 make the low driven shot much simpler, although charging each shot to 25% will take practice. If you don’t have enough power, the shot will be far too weak and easy for the keeper to save. More powerful shots will rise off the ground, potentially sailing straight into the keeper’s gloves. Once you’ve mastered the low driven shot, you should find that it’s an easy way to score goals in the lower corners, as the keeper will struggle to react quick enough. If you do want to aim high, consider using an outside foot shot from a distance to get easy goals in the top corners, or a power shot to send the ball hurtling into goal.

That’s it for our guide on how to do a low driven shot in FIFA 23, but we have plenty of other guides to help you win matches. If you’re playing Ultimate Team and want the best players in FIFA 23, take a look at our First XI, Around the World, Seven League Boots, and Puzzle Master SBC solution guides. When building your squad, make sure to also learn how chemistry works in FIFA 23, as the system has seen huge changes this year. If you prefer career mode, make sure to check out our list of FIFA 23 wonderkids and hidden gems.

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