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FIFA 23 best goalkeepers

Discover the best goalkeepers to have between the posts in FIFA 23

Want to know the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23? Every team has a goalkeeper in FIFA 23, but only the best goalkeepers can withstand attacks from top teams. In both career mode and Ultimate Team, you'll need someone between the sticks with incredible reflexes, so that they can dive towards the ball whenever it's needed. Whether there's a power shot, an outside foot shot, or a low driven shot coming your way, the best goalkeepers will be able to react fast and keep the ball from finding the corner of the net.

In this guide, we list the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23, ranked by their overall rating as well as diving, handling, kicking, and reflexes, so that you can see how the top 25 goalies match up.

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FIFA 23 best goalkeepers

The best goalkeeper in FIFA 23 is Thibaut Courtois, who has an overall rating of 90. That’s a huge leap from the previous game, with EA clearly showing recognition to the shot-stopper for his impressive run of saves over the past year. The renowned clean sheet against Liverpool in the Champions League final back in May, for which he won Man of the Match, is also still fresh in everyone's memory, making Courtois an obvious pick for the top spot. This also puts him in the top 10 on our list of the best players in FIFA 23.

Below, we’ll list the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23, ranked by their overall rating. We’ll also include their diving, handling, kicking, and reflex scores, so that you can see how they stack up in the various key stats for a goalkeeper.

Name Overall rating Diving Handling Kicking Reflexes Club Nationality
Thibaut Courtois 90 84 89 75 90 Real Madrid Belgium
Manuel Neuer 90 87 88 91 88 Bayern Munich Germany
Alisson 89 86 85 85 89 Liverpool Brazil
Ederson 89 87 82 93 88 Manchester City Brazil
Jan Oblak 89 86 90 78 89 Athletico Madrid Slovenia
Gianluigi Donnarumma 88 90 83 79 89 PSG Italy
Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 88 86 85 87 90 Barcelona Germany
Keylor Navas 88 89 84 75 89 PSG Costa Rica
Mike Maignan 87 85 82 85 89 AC Milan France
Hugo Lloris 87 88 83 74 88 Tottenham Hotspur France
De Gea 87 88 80 76 89 Manchester United Spain
Edouard Mendy 86 84 82 81 88 Chelsea Senegal
Kevin Trapp 86 84 82 79 87 Frankfurt Germany
Wojciech Szczesny 86 86 81 73 87 Juventus Poland
Yann Sommer 85 78 81 82 90 M'gladbach Switzerland
Peter Gulacsi 85 85 84 76 85 RB Leipzig Hungary
Emiliano Martinez 84 85 83 82 85 Aston Villa Argentina
Koen Casteels 84 84 82 79 86 Wolfsburg Belgium
Yassine Bounou 84 84 81 76 86 Seville Morocco
Samir Handanovic 84 80 80 65 85 Inter Milan Slovenia
Unai Simon 83 82 79 77 85 Athletic Bilbao Spain
Oliver Baumann 83 83 82 79 84 Hoffenheim Germany
Kasper Schmeichel 83 81 78 79 86 Nice Denmark
Gregor Kobel 83 84 80 74 88 Borussia Dortmund Switzerland
Lukas Hradecky 83 84 77 69 87 Leverkusen Finland

While Thibaut Courtois ranks as the best goalkeeper in FIFA 23 overall after an incredible season, he only takes the top spot for one stat with a score of 90 in reflexes. PSG goalie Donnarumma has the best goalkeeper diving score in FIFA 23, while Manchester City's Ederson has the best goalkeeper kick. Jan Oblak is the best for handling, which means he can easily sweep up the ball and keep a firm grip after lunging for an outstretched catch. Regardless of their individual proficiencies, all of the goakeepers featured on this list will do a good job at preventing goals from even the best strikers in FIFA 23.

Of course, goalkeepers aren't the only part of a good defense. You'll also need some of the best defenders and best midfielders in FIFA 23, as they'll provide invaluable support for your goalie and ensure that the ball rarely gets into a dangerous position.

That's it for our guide on the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23, but there's plenty more to do if you want a top squad. For those on career mode, you can train young talent and raise the next best goalkeepers with our FIFA 23 career mode wonderkids guide. If you're after some of the best goalkeepers in Ultimate Team, take a look at our FIFA 23 OTW tracker to find dynamic cards that can improve every week. Don't just throw them into your team carelessly, though. You'll need to consider your FIFA 23 chemistry rating to make sure players are performing at their best.

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