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Untitled Goose Game waddling back to later in 2019

Honk honk

We'll need to wait a while longer to vandalise a village as a ghastly goose in Untitled Goose Game, as developers House House have announced they're delaying their sneak-o-antagonise 'em up from this spring to the vague time of "later in 2019." I'm happy to wait for a game this charming if it needs it, and this might also give me the summer to chase people around nearby villages as practice. East Linton, your knick-knacks and hats will be mine.

Untitled Goose Game, as if anyone could forget, is a stealth game about entertaining yourself as a horrible goose. With lists of tasks to accomplish on each level, we'll be smashing vases, jacking keys, hurling rakes into lakes, and throwing ourselves picnics with stolen sandwiches. Like the best stealth games, we're not just about ducking into bushes or hiding behind pillars, we're manipulating our targets too. Often we'll need to trick people into working in our interests, whether it's opening a gate to scold us or getting them to argue with their neighbour over who smashed those vases (not me, honest guv).

House House say that the delay is "due to circumstances beyond our control." I'd joke that those circumstances involve a goose honking around their office, scaring people and stealing keyboards, but House House have done it better:

In the meantime, you can follow Untitled Goose Game on Steam if you want wishlist reminders and whatnot. It'll be on Switch too.

House House are the Australian lads behind Cronenbergian local multiplayer sport Push Me Pull You.

I adore this goose.

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Disclosure: I know House House a bit, having shared an apartment with most of 'em during GDC while out there on Wild Rumpus duties. Rumpus House, we called it. Well, I did. Eventually, some others too. We'll get one up on that stuffy dean yet...

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