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Untitled Goose Game honks into early 2019

Honk honk!

Watching Untitled Goose Game's eponymous git torment villagers in a new trailer brings joy to my heart. The slapstick sandbox stealth game will send us to steal, smash, and generally antagonise, following our goosey whims, and it's now expected in "early 2019". Developers House House (of Push Me Pull You fame) explain "It's a lovely morning in the village and you are a horrible goose," and you certainly are. Watch this honking bastardy below.

I. Love. That. Goose.

(I think I may be that goose?*)

The slow and deliberate antagonism of those goosey antics is so pleasing to me. To explain, the game's levels will set us a number of tasks, such as stealing or destroying particular things the villagers want. Using distraction, stealth, and bullying, we'll collect objects to complete our goals and ruin their days.

Untitled Goose Game is coming to Windows and Mac via Steam in "early 2019". Also Nintendo Switch. It's published by Panic. For now, following the honkening on the game's site.

Disclosure: I know some of the House House lads a bit, having shared accommodation with them before.

* I'm not saying I am the inspiration for Untitled Goose Game, but I do find it curious that they started making a game about a horrible loud British creature ruining everyone's day not long after spending a week in my company. I mean, I held a squeezy bottle of mayonnaise over one House Houser's head while insisting "OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH" then squirted in a great glob when he did because for god's sake what did he think would happen? If the goose has unlockable mirror shades, we'll know. We'll know.

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