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Warzone Audio Bang podcast episode two: zombie here now

The undead just ain't it

Verdansk is James and I's second home, a less-than-safe space to relax after work and pull some triggers. It's a place we deeply care about, and now it's filled with undead. Initially, we'd welcomed them in with open arms, but now they're starting to bore us. And we share our desperation to see something, anything come of their presence in this episode of the Audio Bang.

Rest assured, this second episode isn't just one big whine, though. We take a brief look at how Warzone could learn from Fortnite, a game which seemingly never stops changing. And there's some talk of our two victories in a row; perhaps our greatest feat yet.

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Call Of Duty is filled with many interesting player names, and each week we place three under the miscroscope to dissect with our mouths. This time, there's one name in particular we're actually scared to repeat again, in case he hunts us down. Otherwise, we compare one of our teammates to a famous dog whisperer.

There's also a bit of chatter over the meta right now and how it's getting a bit tired. With this in mind, why not have a gander at James's CR-56 AMAX loadout and my Fara 83 loadout. These aren't crazy strong, but they're fun to use, and we love fun here on the podcast.

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