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Warzone Audio Bang podcast episode three: the Captain Price Is right

All that and a brand new crossbow

Ed and I have continued to pop into Verdansk for post-work shenanigans despite the wish for more wild events in our favourite danger zone. The zombies have moved to the bank vault, because as we all know, the undead much prefer cash-in-hand for tax purposes.

That’s not all, though! We’ve been playing extremely well in the game’s Resurgence mode, mostly because I can jump in and die immediately, before getting respawned for free. Ed’s 27th birthday is coming up and I tease a surprise our squad has gotten him - one that in the real world he has received and very much enjoyed. There'll be debriefing on the next episode.

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We also chat a bit about the brand new crossbow, the R1 Shadowhunter. Its arrival means Ed will now be able to jump into Verdansk with two crossbows in tow. He's always finding unique ways to slice through a stale metagame. He’ll still get more kills than me, to be honest.

There’s even a special mention of Craig Charles, who can consider this an open invitation to come on the show. Big fan.

COD Names returns, as we bump into one of the greatest soap opera characters in UK history And, we have a brand new segment: The Captain Price Is Right. We find the real-life versions of things in hyper-realistic military shooter Call Of Duty: Warzone, and then we must guess – based on how it plays in the game – how much it costs in the real world. This time around we go for the World War II relic, the Kar98k.

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