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Warzone Audio Bang podcast episode four: so near, yet so FFAR

PellingTONs of stuff to catch up on

James and I are back to rattle your eardrums with our words on Warzone. The zombie outbreak has escalated a little, and some 'nerfs' have hit two rifles we despise. James also can't stop accidentally purchasing RC-XDs at the Buy Stations.

There's also talk about what it feels like to be 27 years old and the unbelievable gift I received from my Warzone brethren. James talks about this 007 car chase sequence where a helicopter pursued him for ages, and I reckon it deserves a movie adaptation. And of course, we blame all our recent losses in the Warzone on the meta. We hate the FFAR meta and it sucks.

Cover image for YouTube videoWarzone Gulag + Loadout Drops = Best Battle Royale | My Fav Thing In (Call Of Duty Warzone Gameplay)

In another surprise, I actually spent some money in the COD Store on a skin. I think it's very cool and I would absolutely spend my hard-earned cash on virtual items again.

COD names re-emerges once again, this time with a family we keep bumping into and a certain someone with a particularly large appendage. The Captain Price is Right also makes a triumphant return, and this time I've picked out a Tac-Laser for James to take a swing at.

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