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Warzone Audio Bang podcast episode five: new Verdansk, new thoughts

Now the fallout's settled, there's a lot to discuss

In this week's episode of Warzone Audio Bang, we go nuclear. And by this, I mean that James and I discuss the aftermath of Verdansk's explosive transition into the 1980s, as opposed to, errr, starting a nuclear energy company.

This of course means it's full of chatter. Inane chatter about what we make of Verdansk's new locations and its new colour palette, as well as the meta shake-up of the century. What else? Oh yes, two new guns! One of which we've affectionately named the PeePeePooPoo, which we find - and will always find - very amusing.

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In Stories From The Warzone, we discuss the time I actually entered The Matrix. Like, channeled Neo from the lobby scene, and clicked heads with laser focus. And we also talk about that time we all got crushed by a truck and felt very hard done by.

CoD Names makes its triumphant return as well, with three absolute sizzlers, all of which actually relate to personalities from previous episodes. It's something we hadn't planned at all, but it's worked out very nicely. Perhaps a clear sign that CoD players share a similar energy and are all linked in some way. Very deep stuff.

And, finally, James quizzes me on what I reckon the price of a tactical tomahawk would cost. It's safe to say that it left quite the impression on me.

Hmmm, that "finally" was a bit early actually, as I'm sad to announce that this is the final Warzone Audio Bang as you know it. Just like Warzone always changing, so do other things, like James' life. My co-host is moving onto exciting new things, and sadly has banged his last audio.

This doesn't mean that the Audio Bang format is gone forever. It'll return in some capacity, but may not be quite as Warzone oriented as before. But, yes, it's been a real pleasure nattering with James and I'm going to miss podding with him dearly. Obviously, we won't stop playing Warzone together. Put your ear to the wind and you'll hear us whining, don't worry.

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