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The Best RAAL loadout in Warzone: plus how to unlock the RAAL

It's not a bug this time; the RAAL is finally here

Looking for the best RAAL loadout in Warzone Pacific?The RAAL LMG has finally arrived! This heavy-hitter once appeared alongside the CX-9 as floor loot due to a bug. Now, it’s finally available to unlock, customize, and use as part of your Warzone loadout. However, it’s an unusual weapon with several unique attachments, so the builds aren’t at all copy-paste. With the right loadout though, it just might be one of the best guns in Warzone.

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Best RAAL loadout in Warzone

Here's the best RAAL loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: RAAL Monocore
  • Barrel: RAAL Line Breaker
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Underbarrel: FFS Oblique
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x

The RAAL Monocore is functionally a renamed Monolithic Suppressor, which you may recall is a go-to attachment on most Modern Warfare weapons. The RAAL is no different, and the Monocore suppressor is a must to boost your damage range and bullet velocity. Adding a RAAL Line Breaker barrel gives you even more range and bullet velocity, while also boosting your recoil control. You gain even more recoil control with the FFS Oblique foregrip. This is another RAAL-specific attachment, and it is an extremely efficient one. Along with the recoil control, it grants faster ADS speed, at the cost of movement speed. Movement speed is something you won’t get much of on an LMG anyways, so you can comfortably give a little away.

Handling is another class issue on LMGs, but the FSS Oblique combined with a Tac Laser will give you a big boost. You aren’t going to get Assault Rifle level ADS speeds on the RAAL, but they won’t be terrible, especially as LMGs go. Finally, go with a VLK 3.0x optic to help your precision at range. You can swap in a different optic if you prefer, but this is the most common choice on Modern Warfare guns.

Precision and range are the name of the game on this build. The RAAL’s low rate of fire leads to mediocre time-to-kill; unless you can hit headshots. The RAAL has massive headshot damage and can be one of the best LMGs in Warzone if you are precise. With this build, you will achieve maximum recoil control and bullet velocity to help you hit those headshots at any range.

You can make a few adjustments for comfort on this build. The RAAL ArcForge barrel has less bullet velocity and damage range than the Line Breaker, and it grants no recoil control. However, it has fewer mobility and handling penalties, so if you want more ADS speed give it a shot. The RAAL also has a 50 Round Magazine attachment that boosts your ADS speed. Unfortunately, the benefits are less pronounced than on the Bruen’s equivalent attachment. You can definitely make some sacrifices for ADS speed, but you’re never going to make the RAAL a comfortable close-range weapon.

How to unlock the RAAL

The RAAL’s unlock challenge is pretty specific. You will need to get 5 kills in 7 different matches using an LMG with a scout optic. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean just any zoomed optic. Scout optic specifically refers to Modern Warfare optics with a 3.25x zoom. These are:

  • Scout Combat Optic
  • Integral Hybrid
  • Canted Hybrid

Grab a Modern Warfare LMG like the Bruen or PKM, equip an appropriate optic, and go get those kills. If you don’t own Modern Warfare, we highly recommend doing this in Plunder. Respawning with your loadout will make it go by much quicker. Plus, this is a Modern Warfare challenge, so you can get those 5 kills and then leave the match without losing progress to speed things up further.

If you do own Modern Warfare though, multiplayer will be by far the fastest method of unlocking the RAAL. Head into any playlist that features small maps so that you can grab those 5 kills as quickly as possible, leave the match, and reset. The Shoot the Ship playlist, which features exclusively Shoothouse and Shipment, is available at the time of writing. Jump into Shoot the Ship to unlock the RAAL in a matter of minutes.

That’s everything you need to know for the RAAL! This is a very unique weapon with a lot of potential, so go unlock it and give it a spin. If you need advice on the latest Perks, our complete Perks guide and rankings are up to date. We’ve got a list of the best Warzone loadouts and as well to help you get caught up on the meta.

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