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What does the Foresight killstreak do and where are the silos?

The silo locations in Warzone.

There’s a new killstreak in Warzone Caldera to buy: Foresight. It puts a powerful satellite in the air and gives you a lot of intel on the map. Here’s how to get Foresight from missile silos and what it does in Warzone.

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How to get Foresight in Warzone

Foresight is purchasable for $20,000, so it’s very much a late-game thing. You can’t get it from buy stations either - you’ll need to head over to a special bunker in order to get it.

These are the same bunkers you need to go to in order to buy the Bombardment killstreak after completing the zombie mission. There are three locations, all circled on the map below:

The area south of hills, south of park, and south-west of military base are circled on the Warzone map.

What does Foresight do in Warzone?

Foresight has an extremely powerful ability in Warzone. It costs $20,000, so it’ll have to be pretty damn strong. Well, it allows you to see all future circles in the match. This can give you a huge advantage in Warzone, because of the potential to find the final circle and camp it out when the game comes to a close, taking up a power position when you fancy it.

It’s only really useful once you and your squad are completely decked out with loadouts, since without that stuff you’ll still struggle. Try having a look at the best Warzone loadouts for advice on this.

If you’re absolutely rolling in cash, Advanced UAVs are $12,000 too - perfect to combine and wipe out those final squads in the endgame.

That’s all you need to know about Foresight! Grab it when things are winding down (or ramping up) towards the final few circles and you’ll be at a huge advantage compared to your enemies. While you’re here though, why not check out more of our Warzone guides? We have tips and tricks on all sorts, from Warzone War Tracks to blast from your vehicle to the fortnightly Warzone Audio Bang podcast.

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