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What are we all playing this weekend?


As we march on through August, I do find myself wondering: is this what Augustus would want of me? Is this what I should be doing with this month? Am I disappointing him? Might see about reforming the Council of Alices into a new Triumvirate.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is on holiday.

Alice L

I know I've been saying this consistently for a good few weeks now, but I think this weekend is THE weekend I will finish Outer Wilds. And also play a bit more Skyrim. I've started a new save, with the exact same build I've been playing with since the game came out, but I'm trying to play it with mouse and keyboard and boy, those controls keep throwing me. Why does "C" just make me walk forwards constantly? I didn't ask for this. Skyrim's also making me appreciate turn-based fights which is what I've gotten used to thanks to our Divinity Original Sin 2 Let's Play. Was that a plug for our YouTube channel? It might have been. Go check out my video on Control. (Spoiler: I really liked it.)

Alice O

I'm off work most of next week while my mum comes to stay and see the Edinburgh Fringe. I shall likely spend my weekend preparing a slide presentation for her on How Not To Be A Bastard. I am not coping too well with the crowd of unthinking arseholes flooding the streets, who walk three-abreast on narrow roads and refuse to move, stand in the exit door on buses, unfold giant paper maps on street corners, and twang me near the eye with their god damn umbrellas as if rain in this city even falls from the skies and not, as we all know, just is. I am not coping well.


Astrid has been fired.


I will be getting dicey in some dungeons with, uh, Dicey Dungeons. It's a deck-building game about animate dice. They have little faces and swords and they fight enemies such as "banshee" and "loud bird". But it is also roasting outside, so I might kick my computer over and go to the beach. Where I can see the loud birds in real life.


This weekend is going to be a little more relaxed, meaning that I'll inevitably get drawn into something last minute. I suspect I will be playing Streets Of Rogue at least a fair bit because we Can't Stop Playing it. In between that, I downloaded GNOG recently so I finally get to see what it's all about. That and the new Fire Emblem, but you won't care about that.


I've downloaded A Short Hike, after months of waiting for it to escape from Humble's subscription service. It looks delightful - seemingly about a good bird exploring a mountain drawn in an N64 style - and it says it's "short" right there in the title. Potentially the best game.


Katharine is on holiday.


I'd say I'm playing "moving house" again, except what I'm really doing is putting all my stuff in my parent's house while I go on holiday and hope the Brighton housing market coughs up something affordable in the next two weeks. Renting could really do with a balance patch.


Matthew is on holiday.


This weekend's game time will inevitably go tumbling down the Hearthstone Hole as there's a new expansion out. Nevertheless, if I can tear myself away from the misery of Quest Warlock, I can feel the latest in my occasional series of Total War banquets coming on. Might get out the giant bats and go Full Warhammer this time.


The Steam Store knows me so well. It knows that I'm an absolute sucker for anything that puts together the words "sport" and "competitive" and "skill" (and "free to play") into even the vaguest semblance of a game. That's why last night it plastered my monitor with a big fat advert for the just-released-to-early-access Steel Circus. From what I've played so far, it's like Overwatch crossed with Hockey (team sport with abilities), and I fricking love it. It's already had me gasping and whooping at times as I pull off some beautifully timed manoeuvre, and laughing uncontrollably at others as the ball bounces off both posts and careens towards the open goal at the other side of the pitch.


I will hopefully be shopping, and doing lots of other tiring things I've been too tired or indifferent to do for several weeks. But if I can get it to work on my home PC, I may well creep around in Mutant Year Zero. If not, it'll be Stellaris. The Goddamn Zillion Space Bees have gone in totally blind, with a custom race and no tutorial. A cruel test, but an important one.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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