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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hello! Again! Am I back? I was off work Monday to Thursday so I came back Friday and... now I'm already on my shorter weekend hours? Weird. By which I mean hi! Again. Hello. Back just in time for Gamescom next week, the German games show with a pleasing European PC bent. We're sending some of the gang out there to report back on what they see and play.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I have started looking for a new place to live, so I suspect all my time this weekend will be spent playing the game where you email/call estate agents, knowing that you shall then receive unsolicited calls from them about properties you didn't enquire about and are £500 a month over your stated budget.

Alice L

Alice L is away.

Alice O

I'm finishing off the Destiny 2 event armour I swore was too tedious a grind to complete because that's me, a fool. Mutant Year Zero being free on the Epic Games Store reminds me that I really enjoyed that too but didn't finish it, so here we go.


I've been playing a lot of 8-ball in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. As well as being an astonishing Ice Road Trucker simulator (check out the RPS YouTube channel to see what I mean) it's also got a cracking pool game in it. When you visit various stations across the sector, you can challenge inhabitants of each to a wager of the ol' balls-and-sticks-on-a-table. It's one of the better virtual pool games I've actually played, as well. There's this one bloody alien dude who keeps beating me, though. Prick.


I have scrounged enough history coins in For Honor to afford the newest hero, a big Viking hammerbasher called Jormungandr. She has the power to knock the stamina right out of your body with a hefty stomach punch. I've been winded by this rowdy shitbag many times the past couple of weeks, but finally it is my turn to thump some lungs. Hoping to get at least one rib-crack in before I go down swinging.


This weekend I will only have access to my Nintendo Switch, so I'll be playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I've sided with the Leicester Alliance, and really like most of the people within it, but I've got my favourites that I hope to keep with me for the entire game.


I started on A Short Hike as planned last weekend and, update: it is a delight! It's so good, I stopped playing it. I want to spread its charms across a week rather than the single evening it would have fit into. I will finish it this weekend however, and write about it more next week.


I'm still deep in Medieval Harry Potter Professor Simulator (aka: Fire Emblem), but I've also made the foolish decision to dip back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the side after watching Matthew finally finish it over our holiday. What a fool I am.


Matt is away.


I'll be buying Rennie to prepare for the bratwurst deluge at Gamescom. Otherwise, playing some Shadow Tactics to get me in the mood for a Desperados 3 demo at the show.


I'm starting a gecko colony. Or at least, bolstering it. I've had a gang of rehoused land hermit crabs (coenobita brevimanus) in a terrarium for a few weeks now, and they're doing superbly, but they're messy eaters and it's caused some fruit flies to move in. I thought about moving my baby orchid mantis in for pest control, but figured she might get hassled by the crabs. So I got hold of a mourning gecko, and she's been perfect. Mourning geckos come from the same pacific island habitat as the crabs, so the terrarium is perfect for her, and she's quick as lightning, so never gets bothered by the snippy folks. Alas, she'll be much happier in a group (mourning geckos are very social), so I'm picking up three pals for her on Saturday. Fascinatingly, her species is parthenogenetic, meaning individuals can lay fertile eggs without mating, and there are no males in the species, but they still bang for fun. I respect them a lot. Once all that's done, I might play a bit of Total War: Warhammer 2, or have another try at Cliff Empire, but it's all going to pale in comparison to the lizards.


I'm absolutely addicted to Steel Circus, and currently playing nothing else in my spare time. I just feinted my way past two opponents, and bounced the ball off the wall around a third, perfectly setting up my teammate to walk it leisurely into the open goal (thus winning the match with four seconds left on the clock). It was disgustingly satisfying. This kind of exhilaration is something I haven't experienced since my Rocket League days.


As revenge for constantly slagging him off in Minecraft, Nate is making me review a roguelike with an "80s aesthetic". It's too early to say what I think of RAD, but you'll find out when I do. Beyond that, I dunno. All my prior entries have been a sham, I don't plan that far ahead. Oh! I'll see if I can get in on that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw biz. There. Now leave me alone.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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