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Wild Hearts Ore locations: Where to find Ore

Here's the easiest, fastest way to get Ore in Wild Hearts

Looking for Ore in Wild Hearts? If you want to have a chance at toppling the strongest Kemono in Wild Hearts, then a lot of your time will need to be spent upgrading your gear. Weapons and Armour can be crafted and upgraded using a great many materials, one of which is Ore - a seemingly common but surprisingly annoying mineral to try and collect in bulk.

If you're stuck trying to find enough Ore for your needs, you'll find your answer below. On this page we'll walk you through where to find Ore in Wild Hearts, and also how to procure it through other means, from shop purchases to growing your own Ore using Dragon Karakuri.

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Where to find Ore in Wild Hearts

There are three main ways to get Ore in Wild Hearts:

  • Harvest Ore naturally in the first two regions.
  • Purchase Ore from the Crimson Treasury in Minato.
  • Place down Tsukumo Ore Shrines and harvest from them.

Ore can be found naturally in two regions: Harugasumi Way, and Natsukodachi Isle. Aside from the town of Minato, these are the two starting regions of the game, so unlike minerals such as Lightstone and Mirror Stone, you won't have to proceed beyond Chapter 1 in order to obtain Ore for your weapon upgrades.

Ore is found within the spiky orange rocks that crop up both on the ground and on the sides of cliffs. Each of these rocks has a chance to drop either Ore or Corestone, so you aren't always guaranteed an Ore drop.

Two types of ore collectible in Wild Hearts. Left: a spiky orange ore outcrop from which you can get Ore or Corestone. Right: a smoother rock from which you can get Small Crystal Ore.
If you want Ore, break the rocks on the left, not on the right.

Make sure you recognise the difference between the two types of orange rocks in these areas. The jagged spiky rocks drop Ore and Corestone, while the smooth rocks with an orange centre will drop only Small Crystal Ore.

The best place to find Ore quickly and easily in Wild Hearts is right next to the starting campsite in Harugasumi Way, the starting island. Exit the tree trunk and turn left, beyond the training dummy. There's a wall of rock which can be blown apart using a Star Bomb Fusion Karakuri (Spring + Torch + Spring).

The player in Wild Hearts stands outside the starting campsite. A wall of rock that can be blown apart to reveal a shortcut has been highlighted.
Break this wall using a Star Bomb to get easy access to Ore from the campsite.

Once destroyed, this gives you a shortcut straight from the campsite to the South Obsidian Cave below the Abandoned Town. Both above and below this cave, you'll find lots of potential Ore spawns to harvest.

Two maps side by side of the same location in Wild Hearts, above and below ground. The locations of high concentrations of Ore are highlighted.
Check these areas for lots of Ore.

You can also periodically purchase Ore from the Crimson Treasury, the shop in the centre of Minato that you can access after defeating the Kingtusk. If Ore isn't for sale when you first check, complete a hunt and then return, because the items for sale may have rotated.

Finally, you can slowly obtain Ore from Tsukumo Ore Shrines, special Dragon Karakuri which you can place down to slowly accrue material drops. These drops won't always be Ore - often they'll be Corestone, Small Crystal Ore, and other (still useful) materials. But it's still a good way to get supplementary Ore - particularly if you place down multiple Shrines and upgrade them using the Karakuri tech tree.

The player in Wild Hearts stands next to a Tsukumo Ore Shrine in Minato.
You can grow your own Ore using Tsukumo Ore Shrines.

That's every single way in which you can get Ore in Wild Hearts, so now you can go off and gather all the materials you need to perfect your weapons and armour. If you need a bit of helping picking the right equipment for your needs, you can check out our guides on the best weapons in Wild Hearts and best armor in Wild Hearts.

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