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How to cook food in Wuthering Waves

Here's how to master the stove and make recipes in Wuthering Waves

Rover in Wuthering Waves stands in front of a large restaurant cooking space with a stove in front of her and the word Cooking to interact with.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Looking to find out how to cook food in Wuthering Waves? Across the vast expansive world of Wuthering Waves your Resonator will very often pass materials they can pick up. For a lot of these materials, as with many RPG games, being able to cook them into something useful for your adventures is a great skill to have and utilize.

Fortunately, the actual process of cooking is quite easy to explain. Finding the ingredients yourself though, is another matter altogether. But, don't worry, we've got tips and tricks for how to get hold of the ingredients you need, unlock recipes, and an explanation on the very fundamentals of the cooking system in Wuthering Waves.

Where to cook in Wuthering Waves

Before you can cook, you'll need to find a cooking location. These are easily located on your map, with the first and possibly easiest one found in the city of Jinzhou at Panhua's Restaurant.

As you approach the restaurant, a sign with crossed cutlery and, helpfully, the word 'Cooking' will appear above the station you can use. This same thing will happen at any cooking station you come across, and there's a whole variety of them located all across the map, especially in the camps you'll stumble across on your travels.

That means there's plenty of opportunity to cook and reap the rewards for you and your team. Now, let's get into how you cook once you've found your spot.

The Cooking menu in Wuthering Waves shows the variety of different dishes you can make in Wuthering Waves along with the ingredients you need
Different dishes provide different buffs for you and your team in Wuthering Waves. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to cook food in Wuthering Waves

When you find a cooking station, you'll need to head up to it to interact with it. That will take you into the Cooking menu. Here, you can navigate between Dish Making and Ingredients. Fairly self-explanatory, you use Dish Making to cook fully-formed dishes to consume. In Ingredients, you're making certain ingredients for your dish that you haven't managed to gather on your travels.

When you first start out on your Cooking journey, you'll need to unlock a lot of the Dishes through certain tasks. Luckily, the unlock requirements for each Dish will be listed when you select any of the dishes you want to make. Once you've unlocked the Dish, it will show you the ingredients you need and how many you may already have, as well as the buff you'll receive for cooking and consuming the dish.

For example, the Food Ration Bar is a recipe unlocked by purchasing it from the Souvenir Store for 10 Wood-textured Shards. Once unlocked, you'll learn that it takes three Flour, two Cooking Oil, and one Sugar to cook. It will provide a buff increasing the DEF of all Resonators in the team by 36% for 15 minutes.

Once you've gathered any necessary ingredients, either by finding them, making them, or by purchasing them from the Grocery Store in Jinzhou from Mahe, the Grocer, who sells certain ingredients, you just select the dish you want to make and press the Cook button. That part seems simple, it's the retrieving of items beforehand that'll set you up with quite a task, depending on what you're trying to make.

The Chef Level menu in Wuthering Waves shows how proficient you are at cooking and how many more points you need to move to the next level and receive a reward.
Levelling up as a chef comes with its own series of useful rewards. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

As you cook more and more, you'll also progress your Chef Level. There's five stages; Apprentice, Assistant Chef, Sous Chef, Head Chef, and Top Chef. All stages can also be viewed in the Cooking menu with the rewards available once you achieve enough Proficiency to move up a level.

If you don't feel like cooking, full dishes can also be purchased from places like Panhua's Restaurant and consumed to take advantage of the buffs available. But, you won't improve your Chef Level by doing so.

That's everything to know about cooking food in Wuthering Waves. As with any RPG, you'll need to spend some time exploring the world, but with exploration comes enemies dotted around the map. Be sure to hone your combat skills from Concerto Skills, to Intro and Outro Skills to Forte Circuit so you can protect yourself while out on your hunt for ingredients.

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