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You Turn Into A Mug When You Play Arkane's Prey

Gameprey trailer

I don’t mean that as a totally unprovoked British insult. I mean you really will become a mug when you play Arkane Studios’ revamp of Prey [official site]. A gameplay trailer shown at Gamescom has given us a glimpse of the powers available to protagonist Morgan, and one of them is to turn yourself into inanimate objects – say, a coffee mug – and then wobble around like the dancing toaster in Ghostbusters II, enough to launch yourself through small gaps. Come see it in action.

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I think my favourite thing is that you retain the ability to "sprint". Also shown is the horrible ‘gloo cannon’ we’ve already heard about which covers enemies in fast-hardening adhesive long enough for you to smash them to bits. In this case, it looks like Graham clone Morgan is using a firey proximity trap called “Superthermal” to kill them all. There’s also some footage of the outdoors. Space outdoors.

It looks like Arkane are taking a lot of inspiration from their other baby, the Dishonored games, with magical science powers and weapons arranged on a little wheel of death for you to select mid-fight, like some sort of really violent dinner menu. Still, there’s something hugely comical about the thought of becoming a mug or an ashtray and bouncing around the feet of your enemies, yelling insults at them.

Prey is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017.

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