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This Is How You Will Shoot The Bad Things In Prey

Thank you for using Prey pal

Bethesda are at Quake Con, showing off their new toys to people who love to shoot guns and bunny hop. One of their most intriguing toys is Prey [official site] (a re-imagining of the original) which is being made by Arkane Studios, the folks behind the Dishonored games. They announced it at E3 a couple of months ago but now they have finally given us a glimpse of what it would be like to shoot all the things. Come have a gander.

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You play Morgan, a human replica of Graham who has been the subject of GHASTLY EXPERIMENTS on board the space station Talos I. The alien life form used to improve him has broken out and is causing major gripes. With your new-found powers, you need to find the aliens, who can masquerade as chairs and other inanimate objects, and murder them with guns.

Reporters at RPS fansite PC Gamer have also told tales of a demo at Quake Con which showed off some of Graham’s Morgan’s powers, including the ability to turn himself into a coffee mug and fling himself through small holes. Yes. Good stuff. There are also weird weapons, like a gun that covers enemies in quickly-hardening glue, freezing them in place, and a grenade that sucks everything towards it – enemies and collectible materials.

Meanwhile, another video hints about the space station, with Raphael Colantonio, Creative Director at Arkane Studios, suggesting that Talos I was a place the player would get to explore in an open fashion.

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“The station can be explored in a contiguous way,” he said. “This is not… mission after mission after mission. Everything is contiguous, you can always come back to where you were before [but] the context might have changed.

“You can also visit it outside, in zero-g, and go from different airlocks to different airlocks to find shortcuts.”

Don’t worry, we’ll likely be hearing a lot more about Prey and its, er, unique powers by the time it comes out next year. But what’s increasingly clear is that you won’t be doing any bounty hunting. Sad times.

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