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Amy Hennig is making a new Star Wars game again

Never count a ragtag team out

Amy Hennig started work on a Star Wars game back in 2014 while working for EA and Visceral. That project was canned and the studio closed, but now Hennig is getting another swing at the galaxy that's far, far away. Her new studio, Skydance New Media, has partnered with Lucasfilm Games to to produce a "richly cinematic action-adventure game" with an original Star Wars story.

The announcement doesn't have any more details about the project than that. Skydance New Media was co-founded by Hennig, however, with the aim of making "inviting and accessible" interactive adventures that could live on "traditional gaming platforms as well as emerging streaming services." I'm going to wildly speculate that this will look like Uncharted but with skippable combat bits - which sounds ideal, really.

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Only a little is known about the Star Wars project Hennig was working on at EA. It was called Project Ragtag, it took place during the Rebel Alliance era of Star Wars, and it was a singleplayer adventure seemingly focused on one or more Han Solo types. When EA canned Visceral, they attempted to move the Star Wars project to their Vancouver studio in order to "pivot the design" to fit "fundamental shifts in the marketplace." EA wanted it to be an open world game, it seems.

"The Vancouver studio is working on something pretty different," Hennig said in an interview when she left EA. "It's really not... Y'know, once you go more open world it's such a different game to the one we were making. Everybody loved what we were doing and I'd love to see us resurrect that somehow, but it's complicated."

There's no guarantee that the new Star Wars project will follow in Ragtag's footsteps, of course, but Hennig is clearly interested in making a particular kind of singleplayer, storytelling experience. I'm excited.

Star Wars isn't Skydance New Media's only project. They also announced last year that they'd partnered with Marvel to make an original game using Marvel comics characters.

Skydance's new project is also far from the only Star Wars game currently in development. There's also Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, a remake of Knights Of The Old Republic, Respawn's Star Wars FPS, Quantic Dream's Star Wars Eclipse, Ubisoft's untitled open-world Star Wars, and Bit Reactor's Star Wars strategy game. Plus a mobile game, I think. Lotta Star Wars.

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